Thursday, December 5, 2013

December Daily Day 4

I love this project! Where else would I get to scrap this random pic I took yesterday morning when Natalie woke up and I found her crazy and sideways in her crib, "walking the rails" because she just learned (on day 3) how to roll onto her side!? She kicked one of her socks off on the rail and fell to the floor under her crib, and the other one she kicked off in the crib!

For this left side, I just printed a snapshot of my text to Chris. I added a little bow from the Printshop collection by Shanna Noel at Studio Calico - so cute!

Originally I had a black piece of paper for the right side, but I flipped it over to the other side and liked the way that looked with my photo better. Then I had this random piece of reddish color paper in the bottom left on the left side that I tossed because it no longer went with the color scheme, so I just picked one of the leftover 3x4 pieces I have and used that instead.

So I can't believe I haven't fallen behind yet, which sounds silly on day 4, except I'm barely scratching by! I've only prepped through day 9 and it seems to be taking me longer to make these spreads than a 12x12 page haha! I guess I'm just not used to the handbook size, but also half the time is spent selecting, editing, and printing the photos to the sizes I like. We'll see how long I last, but hoping if I do get behind I can play catch up on the weekends!

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