Monday, December 23, 2013

December Daily Day 22

I made it a few days before I caved! Chris and I have NEVER made it to Christmas to actually give each other presents, and this year I thought I definitely could because I knew for a fact I had convinced Chris I didn't get him anything and he didn't get me anything. (Btw, I am not someone who tells someone not to get me something and then is disappointed when I don't get anything.) Anyway, so I had bought Chris the iPad Air and had it safely hidden in my scrap room/area, where it's impossible for anyone else except me to find anything in there haha! But then last night Chris and I were talking and he said he wanted to buy a new iPad of some sort and ended the conversation by asking if he could order the iPad Mini with Retina display. So you see how I was FORCED to tell him I got him a little something?? He LOVES it, yay!!

So for the left side, I had a random pic of Chris and Natalie from earlier in the day - she was looking so cute in her little sweater onesie from Target. Then I made him pose with his new iPad Air, but of course in the background you can see Natalie had fallen asleep in her car seat because it was around 5:30pm and she had been up 8 hours during the day already! I just added a "Merry Christmas" stamp and embossed it, some gold glitter tape and the number clip. I added washi and the word "GIVE" in wood veneer. About the wood veneer letters - one thing I had done before starting the album was use all the letters to make as many Christmas-y words as I could. So I still have the words "LOVE", "JOY", and "GLAD" left to use!

For the right side I cut out the Love December with my Silhouette, and then cut out my picture of the trees near church covered with ice that Chris had taken for me since my journaling had a bit about the ice storm that hit our area. Luckily it wasn't too bad though.

OK, 3 more days... I love that my album is almost completely filled up! I love that I've been able to capture several "firsts" that Natalie had this month - sucking her thumb, rolling over, eating solid foods, etc. I love that when this week is over, I can go back to 12x12 scrapbooking! OK, enough with the "love" because the real love of this Christmas season is remembering what Jesus did for us! The message at church yesterday just happened to cover this most precious verse as we're going through the book of John - John 3:16!!

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