Tuesday, December 10, 2013

December Daily Day 8

Yesterday was so much fun - we took Natalie out to "Christmas on the Canal" to look around, and for the first time, we brought the K'Tan out so I could strap her to me and walk around with her! Usually we just try to keep her asleep in her car seat, but I knew she'd need some awake time so we tried it! I threw on Chris' coat over us and zipped it up to her head so just her head was sticking out! She got lots of attention while we were there!!

Before I delve into details, here is the prepped page again:

I ended up not liking the bottom left corner at all, so I actually pulled up the circles to maybe use later, and de-stapled the sequins and covered the messed up portion of the paper with my photos - I printed all 3 on one 4x6 with my Canon Selphy - only thing when doing that is you can't pick your format or which photos come out bigger since it's random, but it worked out perfectly this time, it blew up my favorite one and kept the other two together and smaller!

For the right side of the page, I scraplifted the idea from this card! For the banners I used some of the papers that came in this month's card kit add-on by Studio Calico.

I hadn't attached the "Love" title, just had it floating in there as an idea, so I swapped it out for "Silly" - those came as part of the Printshop collection.

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