Tuesday, December 3, 2013

December Daily Day 2

Well, even though I had the prep done, this one took a bit longer - we had a short evening after work... by then, Natalie was so tired and Chris made dinner, but those photos didn't turn out great. So I took some pics from the start of our new home gym in the basement that's starting to come together!

I used a stamp from last year and embossed it on top of that pic of me haha!

I didn't add anything else to this cut out by Ali Edwards, so decided to put a badge on the photo above since there wasn't much going on this side.

Since this is my first time making a handbook, I didn't know how it would look with photos - and after doing this layout, I definitely needed at least one photo on the right side - I didn't like the way it looked with two 4x6 pieces of decorated paper. Learning as we go! Hopefully today's won't take as long... I already got pictures because by 9am, I flooded the basement and Chris had to come home and help clean it up real quick haha!

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