Wednesday, December 18, 2013

December Daily Day 17

Just more pics of Natalie haha, same old same old, but never gets old to me!! Yesterday I took her to the Doctor for her 4 month checkup and wow, she is up to 17lbs 2oz and 25.75 inches long!! That's huge for a 4 month old, she is in the 91st and 96th percentiles for height and weight respectively - weight I figured because she is really getting heavy to always be carrying around!

For the left side I knew I wanted to have white against the woodgrain background paper in some way. So I stamped with an Ali Edwards stamp from last year's Studio Calico December Daily kit, but the white was a bit faded so I went over it with my Uniball Signo Gel pen then drew a little border around the picture! I added some bits to the left and a quick little banner up top.

On the right side I cut some gold glitter tape so it wasn't so thick and added to the top two cards. I added some little stamps to each card that came in the Blue Note Studio Calico kit this month! Those are so cute! And of course my trusty old gold clip with the number 17 to showcase that I've made it 17 days in without getting behind yet haha!

Even though I have a baby now so one would think I wouldn't have as much time to fiddle with this album, but it also means I'm not doing anything after she goes to bed. I can't ever leave the house without her since she doesn't take a bottle and still nurses every 2 hours, which is also partly why we can't get a babysitter and leave, and also she is so stranger danger crazy... so what else is there to do anyway now that Survivor on TV is over? Haha!

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  1. Looks great! Love the little details..and the pics are super cute!!
    Merry Christmas, fellow scrapper! :)