Wednesday, December 4, 2013

December Daily Day 3

So this time I definitely got better pictures! I took our good camera out with me on a walk around the neighborhood with Natalie at lunch! Any pics of her will be great, and then any pics of her bathed in natural light will be my favorite days!! And you just can't beat that toothless grin... my heart just melts as I look at that picture!!

I had most of this spread prepped and ready to go, except I removed a filler card from the right side where I added her picture and the stamp "Love this" embossed in gold glitter Zing!

It's Day 3 and already I'm learning what I like and don't like... as I said yesterday, I like pictures on each side of the spread. I also realized I don't like in places where I've prepped and force myself to use the same card or paper for both sides. I like being able to move around the pieces I do have prepped after I print my photos to see what looks best, but if the back is being used on the previous or next spread, then I'm sort of locked into my placement - I don't like that!

Other than that, you can see I didn't mind that my photos didn't match the papers I used here - her blanket is purple but there's a lot of red in this spread. Oh well! :)

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