Tuesday, December 22, 2015

#Challenge52Kits Front Row - February 2013

Welcome to February 2013 and the Studio Calico kit, Front Row.

ABOUT FRONT ROW | Lots of yellows, greens, and blues, as I mentioned in the last post, so my goal with this one was to incorporate some other colors in there!

Main kit leftover

Big Screen leftover

Junior Mints leftover

A LAYOUT | I started with this picture and the two pieces of patterned paper that I ended up using. I had also selecting a couple extra supporting pieces, but didn't end up needing them. After I cut the yellow striped paper, the rest fell into place very quickly - love when that happens!

NEXT UP | Neverland… and the Lost Boys stamp set that I just HAD to have, but not sure I ever did… thinking I should try to use it! And now I am "caught up" but we'll see if I get the extra time this weekend to work on this layout. Merry Christmas everyone!

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