Wednesday, December 11, 2013

December Daily Day 10

OK, I just realized I forgot to include some extra comments about the pic on the left of my daughter asleep in our bed... the reason she has no shirt on (but she does have pants on)... so last night I decided to try putting her in a cloth diaper for the first time. Except I put it on backwards and it leaked at night so when I picked her up for her feeding in the middle of the night and she was all wet I realized I would have to do a quick diaper and nightgown change... and I better do it fast because when she's hungry she's HANGRY! So I got her changed and her pants on, as she was getting more and more worked up, finally screaming so badly I just decided I had to stop and feed her, and would have to dress her after she was finished. Well, when she was done she was so passed out... I just decided not to dress her haha! So when Chris brought her to me before he left for work this morning, she still had no shirt on... oops :) But hey, never wake a sleeping baby, right?

For the left side I slightly ripped up the love ornament diecut that I had already adhered to a different 3x4 card and just added that in. Oh and I got some SEI gold glittery dots in my random grab bag kit from Studio Calico that are perfect for this project!

For the right side I wanted to keep it fairly simple since the photo has a lot going on in it with all the different colors so I just made a border using that December stamp that came in the Blue Note scrapbook kit this month from Studio Calico, and I punched a bunch of stars and added some enamel dots and stickers!

I am taking this month's 25 Days class over at Studio Calico and Ginny, one of the guest designers for this class had said she was going to keep her album cohesive by adding punched snowflakes throughout it. That made me feel not guilty for using stars yet again on this spread - I just looked through and I have at least one star on every spread except for one! So I suppose stars are my go-to design this year and I'm ok with that! Thanks for looking :)

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