Friday, December 13, 2013

December Daily Day 12

I got some REALLY awesome pics of Natalie yesterday afternoon - the lighting was perfect and she just started enjoying her Baby Einstein jumparoo thing!

Again, I enjoyed dressing up these little cards! She's our little elf this year :)

For this side I originally had a red striped 6x8 sheet of paper in there but decided it was too bold for these great photos and since I don't really have much of coordinating paper left, especially none in 6x8 size, I just grabbed a piece of card stock that was already cut to 6x12 and sized it down to 6x8! I also already had a couple vellum snowflakes cut out with my Silhouette... so it was just adding the star sequins that took a bit of time but made it so easy design-wise to just finish!

I can't believe I've made it halfway through without falling behind!! I'm already doing way better than last year and I have a baby this year - gosh I was such a SLOW scrapper before my ticking time bomb baby :)


  1. Super-cute!! i Love everything about this spread!! Can't resist...I'm adding you to my blog-roll :) Awesome job! :)