Sunday, December 8, 2013

December Daily Day 7

Wow, made it through day 7 and haven't gotten behind yet. Well I really have no excuse till I hit the pages that I haven't premade, aka Day 11. The pics of these pages aren't very good today - it was getting dark by the time we got back from church and going to "Christmas on the Canal".

Yesterday Chris got out the lights from the basement and began stringing them outside. He does such a mint job with them and brings his meticulous, borderline OCD way of thinking to carefully place each strand evenly and densely across our bushes. He buries the strands in between each so that it doesn't look messy and you can't see the light trail, and then he has it all hooked up to a remote control so we don't have to go outside to turn them on and off!

I punched a circle from a gold Reese's peanut butter cup wrapper and added that last night after Chris came home from a late night trip to Walmart with a candy cane full of mini reese's peanut butter cups! It was such a nice surprise!

Lastly, we just got the Baby Becko Gemini in the mail yesterday (baby carrier) so I put Natalie in it to take some pictures of Chris for this album, but had him take a few quick snapshots of us - so I look horrible, with my lazy nursing mom outfit, mismatching shoes and coat, and no makeup... but Natalie looked so cute in her carrier that I couldn't resist adding this picture to the album! I guess this album really is going to show "real life" not just pretty Christmas-y things :)

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