Saturday, April 19, 2014


Oh Natalie was still unsure about being away from Mama too long last month when these photos were taken of Natalie and her cousin - haha love that first photo... that face is too funny!

I used a sketch template from and didn't see that they provided a link for the free circles cut file, so I made my own! I took the layer of the template with the circles in Photoshop Elements and duplicated it into a new project. Then I filled it in with black and exported as a .jpg that I imported into the Silhouette software, traced it, and boom - new cut file!

I also used the template to add my photos to and see how they looked, size them and print them as circles so I wouldn't have to crop them myself. I mostly used the Office Hours kit by Studio Calico, but found that I had only 3 of those plastic butterflies left from the Sugar Rush kit so actually got to finish a full package of embellishments and throw away the packaging - that felt so good!

Wednesday, April 16, 2014

No Title?

I can't believe I made a page without a title! I didn't really think about it till I went to title this post... how very strange of me! I must've been sidetracked by how cute Natalie was looking in this photo - looking just like her Daddy!

Anyway, for this layout of my daughter, I scraplifted this layout by Lisa Truesdell but flipped it on its side and kept it pretty simple! Can't go wrong with a grid full of circles :)

I used the Office Hours Studio Calico kit - spending some more time with this kit even though I have this month's kit sitting on my table, since I think I will have some more time to scrap very soon, so I will have time to catch up with the supplies and not have to feel guilty about these purchases... sorta :)

Saturday, April 12, 2014

Hello Friends

A lovely family photo of our friends who were visiting us mid-moving across the planet! Originally, I was also going to include a square photo of our family that we got too, which is why the background paper doesn't seem to match very well - it matched our photo more, but ended up putting that photo in the pocket.

This is definitely an amalgamation of supplies - I used papers from the Office Hours kit, the ampersand card from the Stitched class over at Studio Calico with Paige Evans, the envelope and cork asterisks from the Pip Embellishment kit by Studio Calico and the arrow stamp from Kelly Purkey's latest Sketchbook class that hasn't started yet! Oh and not to mention I used another sketch from!!

I loved the sketch, but when I got stuck, it really helped having the Spark magazine (included with the Simple Scrapper membership) to draw further inspiration from with the sketch. Also, I was able to hand stitch the ampersand in my living room instead of my scrap area in the basement, which was a nice break since the weather was nice out yesterday and I had the windows open! Maybe I will need to add more stitching on my layouts now!

Picture Perfect

Our friends stopped over with their little one on my birthday - which was our first time meeting her! Since she was a little over 5 months old and Natalie was not quite 7 months old, they didn't interact too much but it was still so nice to get together!

Before I printed my pictures, I started with a sketch for this month, from! It was cool because the sketches also come as templates, so I opened the sketch/template with Photoshop Elements, sized my photos and placed them on the layout digitally first. I got to see how they might look and decided to go with the sketch! That also helped me know what size to print the photos (4x3).

For the middle photo of Natalie, which I wanted to use there since she was looking to that side anyways, I grayed out the background and used a stamp brush to stamp the sentiment onto the photo. I really liked doing that!

I mostly used the Office Hours kit by Studio Calico for this layout, with the exception of the gold doily, puffy heart stickers, washi tapes on the journal card, and 2014 stamp/ink.


I had this nice photo of my husband, daughter, mom, stepdad, and grandma from my birthday a few weeks ago... but my parent's have yet to update their green/white/gray linoleum flooring from the 70's and we had my daughter in a mismatched outfit... and basically all the colors in the photo were totally clashing together! So I decided to print in black and white and choose my own color scheme for the layout.

I used the Office Hours kit and stamped the plus signs on the background paper with the new Color Theory Inks from Studio Calico! I really didn't know what to do with this layout so I went to my usual label at the edge and embellishing.

For the finishing touches, I stamped with my giant alpha stamp below the photo.

Monday, March 31, 2014

Oh Dear

I just had these awesome photos of Natalie with a balloon my parents got for me for my birthday... she was loving it... till she let it slip through her fingers and she fell backwards hehehe!!

I basically just wanted to keep them in a sequence so I spread them across the page and used the Office Hours kit by Studio Calico to complete this layout.

As I'm becoming more experienced in my scrapbooking and listening to the Paperclipping Roundtable have lots of discussions about finding your own style, I realize one thing I love doing because it's SO insanely simple is using a label going off the page off-centered, and embellishing a little bit around it - this is really starting to be my go-to strategy to finish off a page!

Romans 4:9-17

I brought up some of the rest of my Smash brand stuff this weekend to work on my Bible study notes while Natalie was having some good playtime.

I used a pocket for my original notes in case I messed up something and needed clarification. I have most of the Smash writing pads that are out, but hardly ever use them, ugh! So I pulled out one that had some space for writing and covered the title/prompt (I think it said Today's Playlist or something) with a label so I could write the title of the sermon on it instead.

Some highlights of this message:
* One of the great tactics of the enemy is to cause us or make us unsure of our salvation, but once saved (truly saved), always saved = the blessed assurance
* Your salvation is solely based on the Lord

Romans 3:27 - 4:8

I finally took out my Bible study notes and continued with my notes from Romans 3:27-4:8! It was a great opportunity to re-study this sermon, especially since it's been a year and a half since I first heard it!

I used some pieces from this month's Office Hours kit by Studio Calico, including some digital pieces, like the labels. But I really loved those geotags for bullet points! I take notes with LOTS of bullet points... I really could make use of them on every page of this notebook!

Some highlights from this message from our pastor, Pastor Dave Tomasso:
* You are saved by grace through faith in Jesus Christ!
* "I am a great sinner and God is a great Savior"
* The law is used as a thermometer to tell the sinner there is a problem
* What was on our bank statement was sin, but the instant we believed, righteousness was imputed (not imparted)

Tuesday, March 25, 2014

Love Your Faces

I combined some photos from my phone onto a 5x7 frame and printed it as one photo for this layout of my funny bunny!

I was challenged and inspired to use January 2012's kit Block Party from Studio Calico, after I commented on a thread in their forum that that was one kit I hardly touched due to the fact it was during my first trimester morning sickness when I was pregnant and therefore I was nauseous and tired that I didn't scrap much around then! The ladies gave me some inspiration that they had created, so here I am... finally making use of this kit!

I had eyed the letter blocks piece of paper for a long time, but decided to be brave and cut it up for part of my title! I then cut up a border from the same sheet. Originally I made this layout on a plain blue card stock background paper, but unless my background is white, I have a hard time with a card stock background, so I pulled everything up and adhered it to this polkadot background paper that came in the kit!

Sunday, March 23, 2014


I guess this layout is proof that Natalie is my first child. She gets her picture taken just for looking cute while laying on the floor. Then she gets a whole page scrapped with said picture!

Last night Chris went out to get me my favorite snack: Lays brand potato chips & Helluva Good french onion dip! While he was out, I started this layout and finished it not long after he got home - so it was just a very quick layout (my favorite kind)!

I trimmed a white piece of card stock 4" wide and added it along the side to break up the pretty, but busy floral pattern on the paper. I used the Office Hours kit by Studio Calico to complete this layout, except the edge of the gold doily from my stash... sadly I actually pulled that edge piece out of the (top of my) scrap garbage can, leftover from my previous project. Wow, that was so Chris-esque of me haha :)

I knew I wanted to use those gold labels by Maggie Holmes' so incorporated those along the edge instead of trying to do some border between the pieces of paper. I adhered those little plastic floral pieces with my Martha Stewart glue pen, and added the little digital label by Hello Forever that I printed and cut at home. As a side note, I printed this photo from my phone to my printer wirelessly from bed one day... I love how lazy technology lets you be haha!