Friday, December 19, 2014

Sharing Our Story

My daughter and her 3 boy friends, no not boyfriends, she's only 16 months old!! Even though I used a photo from this same day for my 30 Days of Thankful album, I used it to write about my friend Rachel and how we came to be friends and then introducing me to her friends which are now my friends etc. I finally got this story down on paper after using a Story Starter from Simple Scrapper's Premium Membership! The story starters are really helping me go much deeper with my stories and not just scrapbooking by event (not that there's anything wrong with that either, I am liking a mix of both)!

So of course I also used a Sketch Template from Simple Scrapper's Premium Membership, this time an older one (the membership provides you access to ALL of the previous sketch templates and story starters - a tremendous value I might add!).

So once I picked the sketch template, I just had to use the papers from this month's Park Ave kit by Studio Calico... oh how I wish it wasn't December and I've been so busy with December Daily, I don't know that I'll get much more done in terms of layouts, because I LOOOVE all the papers in this kit!! Ahh!!

The Premium Membership at Simple Scrapper provides skills and shortcuts to help you simplify and find more meaning in your memory keeping.

Saturday, December 13, 2014


I'm taking a break from December Daily to bring you a 12x12 layout for the Simple Scrapper Creative Team!

I had a bunch of photos from Natalie's first trip to the museum back in September, but didn't get a chance to scrap them till now.

I used a Sketch Template from Simple Scrapper's Premium membership and ended up combining a couple of them and rearranging one to come up with this layout! So if you saw either of the original sketch templates, you may not even recognize that this layout came from either one! I also used a story starter to help tell a deeper story other than, today we went to the museum. I finished my journaling on the back to talk about how I suddenly realized how much easier Natalie had gotten once she could walk and go where she wanted to go, and how I felt very hopeful and excited seeing her walking all around the museum and I just had to follow along with the stroller.

I used this month's Park Ave kit from Studio Calico, along with some stuff from my stash (pink cork stars that I just ordered, wood veneer letters, and printable labels from another month by Hello Forever). For the large circle, I printed it in a large format rectangle and instead cut the circle from the paper with my Silhouette and laid it over the photo - it made it much easier than trying to line up a cut on the picture itself.

The Premium Membership at Simple Scrapper provides skills and shortcuts to help you simplify and find more meaning in your memory keeping.

Saturday, December 6, 2014

December Daily: Day 5

I only got a few photos inside of my mom and daughter playing while Chris was at a men's dinner at church. The lighting wasn't good and I have no idea how to use my camera, ahhh! I had a few better photos from earlier in the day with the sunlight coming through but I wanted to keep all the photos for just one event.

Despite not having great photos, I used one to make a 6x8 full page since I didn't know what paper to use here, and just cut a strip for the bottom portion on the left. I added a small puffy star sticker from the kit.

Originally I was going to do another see through pocket with the number six on the other side, but decided against having another one so soon. If I use the 6 on the other side, I'll back it with paper. I wanted a place to journal in one pocket and wanted to decorate another pocket. I kept it simple by just adding one of the plastic hearts and the wood veneer 5 on top.

And this concludes the first 5 weekdays of December and I'm still caught up, woohoo!! That's an accomplishment in and of itself, especially after watching 2 kids on Wednesday and making it to church Wednesday night!

Friday, December 5, 2014

December Daily: Day 4

So yesterday I didn't take AS many photos, which was nice I didn't have to cull through a million, but I didn't really have that great of a story to tell (we did nothing), and I didn't have any particular shot that I was like, oh I should definitely include this. That is, until I went to Instagram the left page first, thinking I would leave the right side for tomorrow. I started commenting on Instagram how I was messing around and wasn't very productive, but on the other hand and in stark contrast to me, Chris had come home early from work to drop off the car to get it checked out, took some calls and brought home some work to do, put together our new desk for the kitchen for us, cooked both of us dinner and the next day's lunches, then brewed us some Oolong teas so he could stay up and finish packaging a bike he sold for some extra cash for new brakes for my car (and so I could stay up and finish December Daily). Then I realized, that's my story for the day!

So I made the left side very simply, mainly I added the gold embossed "December Moments" stamp from Ali Edwards (I cut off "Wonderful Magical" from above those words). I am already wanting more of those gold foil labels, especially because last year I used the Studio Calico printable labels by Hello Forever all throughout my album but am feeling lost without them this year! I left the back of the "3" unfinished so as not to draw attention to it.

I used some of the tiny letter stickers for my title and other than that I just added my journaling around the edge of the page and finished it on the back. It was 1am and I wanted to go to bed! Queue the gold glitter heart in the corner of my photo and that's a wrap!

P.S. If you want to see my pages up to date, please follow my Instagram feed: @ScrapperEmily!

Thursday, December 4, 2014

December Daily: Day 3

I took a billion photos yesterday. This made is super difficult to pick out my favorites, but lately Natalie's been super smiley so this one was perfect. Here's Day 4!

You can see here my original foundation page for this layout. I included a title for the bottom left card that said "tradition" but that didn't really fit my story for the day so I was stuck with the stars I had stamped the length of the title. I ended up adding more stars (in the wrong color ink oops) to the right side and kept my journaling to the left side.

Also, since I'm not sure if I will feel like stitching in the "3", I figured I'd rather have that in a bottom pocket, so it will be less likely to fall out of the album. I ended up using the back of the other card that was in there, since it matched and I didn't have another story or photo to put on top of the orange pocket. I also got lazy and didn't feel like making a fancy decoration so I just covered it with gold glitter tape and called it a day!

On a side note, I first heard Chris "taking shots" of whipped cream at 6am! Then of course, Natalie heard it too and had to run over and do the same as Daddy. No pun intended, I whipped out my camera and caught them helping themselves to whipped cream directly in the mouth!!

Wednesday, December 3, 2014

December: Simple Scrapper content available!

Well this is my first time I've ever been "published" and it is in the Simple Scrapper monthly emagazine called Spark! Not only that, but look, my layout made the cover - so cool!!

Every month, Simple Scrapper provides new content to their premium membership - 5 sketch templates, Spark magazine with inspiration from the Creative Team plus articles written by SS owner Jennifer Wilson, Focus lessons, and Story Starters! There is so much value to the content of the membership, that I was a member even before I became a Creative Team member! With so many holiday projects and how busy life gets this time of year, now would be a great time to join Simple Scrapper and see all the new December content, get motivated, organized, and inspired to create those projects and actually use some of your supplies haha!

As a bonus, Jennifer offers a free calendar printable to help keep you organized this month and also see what's going on over at Simple Scrapper. I hope you'll consider joining this fun and energizing community!

The Premium Membership at Simple Scrapper provides skills and shortcuts to help you simplify and find more meaning in your memory keeping.

Tuesday, December 2, 2014

December Daily: Day 2

I definitely won't get a chance to take better photos of my Day 2 tomorrow, but I still wanted to post my pages as I go to my blog if I can... so these were taken with my iPhone 4s in my basement at 11:30PM... you can imagine what kind of lighting I've got going on etc. Oh well, here is my day 2 layout! Yes I had a whole different set of photos picked out and again, the evening didn't go as planned (which was a good thing) and we took a surprise trip out to dinner with Natalie! She did great and we had a nice family dinner, complete with balloon making and no tears or fussiness!

I definitely relied heavily on the foundation pages already having my paper picked out etc, though I ended up not using one of the 3x4 cards and instead dropping another photo in there with the digital overlay from Ali Edwards. I really love the stamp set that came with her December Daily kit this year - I contorted the "Let Your Heart Be Light" stamp to follow the lines on the 3x4 card and stamped with Lime Light Color Theory ink by Studio Calico. I masked off the same stamp to stamp the sentiment word by word on that strip across the small photo.

The other thing I changed from my foundation was use that Twinkle Twinkle chipboard banner instead of the lighter green plastic Merry & Bright banner, I just felt the coloring worked better with this layout, but you can see how I don't mind that not every photo is holiday-themed or matches the way I decorate the page. I just like the overall look to be Christmas/holiday looking.

December Daily: Day 1!!

So far so good, I am not behind yet!! Day 1 was great, I had Chris bring up that LED tabletop tree that I scrapped about here. I decided that would be a great first day post again, and it would be fun to compare how different that room looks every year that we live here! And look, you can already tell how much has changed - Natalie is no longer in the swing, but has her little walking and riding toys, awww! So prior to leaving for Monday night prayer at church, I had another photo for the bottom right, a nice 4x6 of Natalie playing with her never-before-used Fisher Price Little People Nativity set that I had bought last year at a discount after the season was over, but c'mon how cute is that picture of Natalie and her older friend pointing to their eyes together! I had to use it.

So I had to do some rearranging from my foundation page - originally I had that scripty paper on the left, but it made it look too busy and I didn't want to mess with lots of layering etc. to make it work. I also didn't use the trees chipboard piece with the "1" on the right, since it didn't really go and I ended up liking just the number by itself with the label.

Aside from those minor changes, it was now time to play! After I selected my embellishments for the left side, I had 2 thoughts. 1) It's not enough. And 2) Ahh, I can't use up so many embellishments on one page!! Then I had to talk myself out of these thoughts. 1) Yes, I could spend another hour and come up with something way more intricate, but will I want to do that for the next 25 days or would I rather get this page done? And 2) I have yet to "run out of product" while working on a scrapbooking project, I have plenty leftover from the last 2 years if need be, and if there's any day I should use more, it might as well be Day 1!!

So my plan is to keep chipping away, and at the very least, I will take photos and document as needed. If time allots, I will also try to print as I go, as I think this will make it easier down the road. I love this project, it makes me so happy! Oh and one more thing, I took out the last 2 years of December Daily albums, and already Natalie has looked through both a few times, asking me to "rea, rea, rea" them to her. She likes seeing Mommy and Daddy on so many pages haha!

Tuesday, November 25, 2014

December Daily 2014: Foundation Pages Day 1&2


OK first of all, for the most up to date DD posts, you can visit my Creative Instagram: @ScrapperEmily, since I will be posting there as I complete everything, but will probably have to post to my blog in batches.

I bought the Ali Edwards December Daily kit and received it in the mail last week, then the album came as I was getting started on my first page this past weekend! I got the off-white album and love it!! I'm not too much into altering the outside of albums, so I will probably end up keeping it as is and just labeling the spine. That's not fun for me, the fun is what's inside! So here we go...

So the first thing I did was go back and read this blog post that was my Day 25 last year and the conclusions I had. I've done December Daily twice now, and have finished both albums successfully! However, 2012 I did no prep and did not finish until September 2013. Last year I prepped and finished a few days after Christmas! This year I have no expectations to repeat last year, since last year I had a full extra month to work on prep work. My goal is to finish this album before I preorder 2015's album :) But I am going to try to keep up as much as I can, but not feel like I am behind if I do in fact fall behind!

Anyway, then I did the same as Ali Edwards, and put in my page protectors in a semi-random order, except I did not want any page spreads that had one side with 4 3x4 cards and the other side 2 3x4 with 1 4x6 - basically that would be too many 3x4 cards for one spread for my liking. Next I added a few of the 6x8 sheets that I knew I def wanted throughout (the big gold foil 25 def on Day 25). And then I cut up sheets of paper that I knew I would want to be cut up, example, a lot of sheets have 2 3x4 cards and 1 4x6.

Then for this first page, I simply used the transparency with the gold Ali Edwards' writing on it - I knew I just loved that page so I wanted to use it first! I added one rubber label (love these!!) and decided to go big with the gold numbers!

Last year I couldn't really imagine my album with photos, as it was the first pocket page album I ever worked with, so the first few pages I did prep, I over-prepped and tried to fill every pocket. This time I want to be intentional about where I will place photos and how it will look

As I wrote on Instagram, here is my plan of attack: get some papers in; pick a number and a couple of basic embellishments; don't adhere anything; if there's time (prob not) then go back and do more detailed work such as stitching/stamping.

So my plan with this Day 1 layout is to have 1 square or vertical photo on the left and 1 horizontal square or 4x6 for the bottom right. Depending on the spacing, I will add my story alongside either photo and leave the two 3x4 pockets for embellishing.

For day 2, again just keeping it very simple and easily changeable, I first chose where my photos would probably go (lower left and upper right), and then picked some papers. I added the wood veneer 2 (I plan to use those wood veneer as much as I can), and added another rubber label here there I thought would go as well.

I'm not adhering anything this time because last year there were certain cards that I embellished that I would've liked to have changed slightly once I had my photos (because of colors or arrangement etc), so then I was stuck. This will allow me to change as I see fit. Also, since I changed my goal - from finishing by end of this year, to finishing before preorder next year, I know I can spend some more time on some of these later.

My other goal is to use mostly just the kit and the digital overlays that I purchased from Ali Edwards' site. I bought the combo pack to have the various sizes. I'm not sure yet how I will incorporate these, but I will have them if I need them! I love the look of them, but not sure I am so good at playing off the simple look like Ali does, so I might end up using them more for overlaying the photos, we'll see.

Anyway, good luck to everyone who is participating this year!!

Friday, November 21, 2014

A Hot Dog Party!

Well, we had a hot dog themed birthday party for Natalie's 1st birthday! It was awesome, but such a whirlwind! Luckily Chris took on the task of planning all the big stuff - our friend Mike's hot dog truck and transporting it, the tent, tables + chairs, and even staking the "Pin the Topping on the Hot Dog" game into the ground for me so the kids could play! It was a success, thanks to his help and all I took care of were the decorations and small details!

I really was having trouble where to begin with these photos because I had so many and I didn't know how I was going to get them all scrapped! I found a solution and selected a double page layout Sketch Template from Simple Scrapper's Premium membership to work with! Once I had that selected, I was able to overcome my mental hurdle and get started!

Then the next hardest part was figuring out what paper to use, since my current Studio Calico kit wouldn't work with these bright summery photos... off to my stash I went! I figured the kids in the picture would pair well with the Sidewalks collection from October Afternoon... and I was right, the papers and embellishments (that I still had all of) went perfectly with my hot dog themed party pictures as well!

The Premium Membership at Simple Scrapper provides skills and shortcuts to help you simplify and find more meaning in your memory keeping.