Tuesday, February 17, 2015


Every year for the past few years, we've been able to light off some small fireworks for the 4th of July. Last summer's 4th of July was awesome since it landed on a Friday - it seemed like our whole town was lighting off their own fireworks, we just heard booms and crackles all night long! Chris finally lit off a couple of mortars - I had never experienced those at home before, and just loved them! They are like mini fireworks, not just a quick whistle and sparkle, but a real firework!

Anyway, I had this photo of Chris printed out and sitting on my table I think since August ahhh! I finally decided to change things up a bit and scrap a July photo in February... oooh I'm a big risk taker you can tell! I knew I wanted to use the printed background paper from the Studio Calico kit Poet Society for this photo for awhile, but that all I had planned.

I just reached for the big black letters again from this month's Cirque kit and tried to spell BOOM except didn't have enough O's. I thought, I will use a Q and cut it up or cover it up, but then I got the idea to cut my photo into an O too, so I just placed the O on top of my photo and traced, then cut it out! Next I used the leftover silver metallic paper to punch some pinking circles from, then found the last bit of that dark blue constellation paper also from the Poet Society kit. I thought I was done, but the other night I had spilled little red stars and sequins all over my floor from my December Daily/Christmas stash, which made me remember that I had them and figured they'd go perfectly scattered up top as well! Finished with a label from Hello Forever for my journaling and done!!

Everyday You

Oh you know, just my baby girl practicing her "tippy toes" after pulling up her pants like that haha! The journaling is about some of her everyday practices :)

I used a free layered PSD template from Cathy Zielske that she offered the other day for a sale over at Designer Digitals, that was 8.5x11. I printed it with the pink stars background paper that was a piece of digital paper from Studio Calico.

Then I adhered that whole sheet to the piece of black diagonal months paper (also from Studio Calico) and added a few wood veneer/glittery embellishments from Crate Paper. It was all quite simple, and super fast, thanks to the hybrid nature of this layout!

Monday, February 16, 2015

Then & Now

Well here is quite a different layout for me, one that is a comparison of how I used to take pictures vs. today, which turned into how I got my camera back then vs. now!
I used a Story Starter from Simple Scrapper's Premium Membership and loved how my story developed from there (no pun intended)!

I began with a sketch template also from Simple Scrapper, but then I really wanted to use that geometric silver metallic paper from this month's Cirque kit by Studio Calico and ended up cutting out the center and the border triangles that I backed with smaller papers from the same kit. I definitely needed to add my journaling to the front somewhere so even though it made it pretty busy, I added black journaling strips with white pen.

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Tuesday, February 10, 2015


First of all, my apologies for not updating my blog recently! Since my last post I've made 2 more layouts, finished my December Daily album, and made 2 cards, plus I've worked on some art work for myself and others. I hope to share some more of that here soon, but until then please follow me on Instagram: @ScrapperEmily!

Anyway, today's photo is from a lovely (aka not so lovely) and cold Friday night last month, so Chris and I decided to have a coffee date at Wegmans, our local+fave grocery store. The coffee was excellent, and it was perfect just to get out of the house for a bit and also get some errands done.

I used a Sketch Template from Simple Scrapper's Premium Membership, then changed it up a bit to work with my photo and papers. I used this month's Cirque kit from Studio Calico, which went perfectly with the "date night" theme of my layout haha!

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Thursday, January 22, 2015


OK, I can't believe I'm posting this horrible photo of me in my pajamas at like 6am on a weekend, just having woken up and not even brushing my nappy bedhead hair! I guess that's just how cute I think Natalie is when she takes a bath! She's been asking for one lately by pulling her shirt up and saying "nakey baby, bath" while standing in front of the bath tub - who am I to argue with that!?

This may seem like a stretch, but I started by printing my photos and using this layout by Nicole Samuels as my inspiration! I loved the feel of her layout, especially the 3 photos at the bottom and the 2 pieces of paper in the background (obviously).

When I started picking papers for the layout, I suddenly realized I really wanted to use those acetate fruit shapes from this month's Far Far Away kit by Studio Calico to make the two pieces of background paper come together. I almost decided to change my photos and try to find something else that would fit better when I came up with the title, and used the big white alpha that came as part of the Ivy Tower add on kit. I outlined the letters in pen to make them stand out and also to match the fruit shapes. I also used the Mia Alpha stamp set from Studio Calico and inked each letter twice over with Versamark ink to make the rest of the title. This was a fun, easy one, and since I already made a few layouts with this kit, it was much easier to convince myself to use up those fruit shapes all in one shot!

Tuesday, January 20, 2015

Jingle, Jingle

So on Saturday, Chris took Natalie out to the store and left with me a short time period that I could sit down at my scrap table, but I had just finished the last layout earlier in the day and wasn't sure what to work on. It was one of those times when I really wanted to make something, so I sat down without any ideas and just started grabbing some papers to look at. Next thing I knew I had the start of a Christmas looking layout with any pictures. Then I thought of a story I really want to scrap about, so added a title.

Now this will sort of make sense why I am scrapping a Christmas layout in January. When Christmas music started coming on the radio last month, Natalie heard the song "Jingle Bell Rock" and when it was over she hopped out of my lap, walked over and pointed to the radio/cd player, "requesting" me to turn it on again. I figured, no harm, I will get my old CD and put it on. Ummm... a month later I am regretting that fateful day I didn't say no to this one little request. Now whenever she wants to hear music, she points and says "Jingle, Jingle!" and still says it even if you try to put a different song on! Even as the song is ending, she'll say "Jingle, Jingle!" till you get up and put the song back on (no repeat button on our CD player [sad face]). I showed her a video on my phone of her and Dada dancing, and that song was in the background, and when the song is over in the video, she says "Jingle, Jingle!" and makes me restart to video so the song is back on! Oh well, I'm glad I've taught her "no" to just about everything else haha!

So it wasn't all random that I ended up with a Christmas layout. When I sat down I thought to myself, maybe I'll make a Christmas card, ala Natalie Elphinstone who made 1 Christmas card with every Studio Calico kit for the past year, leaving her with 12 beautiful and unique Christmas cards! But once I pulled the papers, they started to look great as a Christmas layout, and since I'd rather make a layout than a card, I went with that! I used mostly the Ivy Tower add-on kit to the Far Far Away kit. I purchased the black alpha thickers at one of the LSS and only had 1 "L" so I cut up a 7 and an "F" to create my own L for the second Jingle word!

Other than wanting to do more "story first" layouts this year, my other "scrappy resolution" or intention more like, is to be diligent about putting all journaling and the date or dates on the front of my layouts. As much as I have enjoyed the flexibility of adding leftover journaling to the back, I realize that 1. people aren't going to be pulling my layouts out of the page protectors to check for or read the rest of my journaling. 2. I don't even feel like pulling out my layout to do this. It's a pain and so much easier when reading it to just have it all out there on the front. I will leave hidden journaling only for private stories.

So there you have it, a nice Christmas layout in January. It's like driving around seeing people still turn on their Christmas lights they left up... but hopefully not that crazy :)

Monday, January 19, 2015

Just Like Her Dada

Part of my "scrappy resolution" or intention this year is to do more "story first" layouts, so I don't end up with a whole bunch of layouts that look nice but have no meaning. So when I didn't have any photos printed up yet, but wanted to work on a layout, I started by reading over the few stories I wanted to scrap and decided on this story about my daughter, who talks in her sleep just like her Dada! Since I didn't have a specific photo for this story, I found this recent one in my phone of her yawning and thought that would work! Now I could make a layout with a cute photo and have a story to go with it, perfect!

I used a new Sketch Template from Simple Scrapper's Premium Membership and just loved it! It was 8.5x11, so I decided I would keep it 8.5x11 and add the page to Chris' ongoing album!

I used some of the softer, pretty papers from the main Far Far Away scrapbook kit by Studio Calico - and it helped that I had the digital papers to first drop into the layered templates that are part of the monthly sketch templates from Simple Scrapper. I enjoy working with the layered templates first to get a general feel how my layout will look with the photos dropped in! I used of the thin wood veneer diamonds to fill the space next to the picture, and ended up liking how it sort of points to the picture. I used the rubber alpha from the Walden kit because I wanted a nice soft gray to go with the colors. Thanks for stopping by!

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Thursday, January 15, 2015

My Scrapbook Story

For the first time in the 10+ years that I have been scrapbooking, I finally made a page about it! Why it's important to me, what it means to me etc. and lo and behold I happened upon my title for the page! I recently participated in the Start Fresh event over at the Simple Scrapper (included with the membership), and loved it - from the planner to the workbook, the daily audio guides and ideas, and even the community. What surprised me on Day 1 was when Jennifer (Wilson) said we would be completing a layout over the next 5 days. I thought, now is as good a time as any!

Originally, I picked this layout by Jill as my inspiration, I just loved the layers and typing.

In the end though, I knew I had way too much journaling, and I wanted to showcase just a few papers. I also am not very good at layering. I had gathered some supplies for this layout, as in, I knew I wanted to use the Ivy Tower add-on kit from Studio Calico this month haha! And then as I was picking papers to do the layers, I realized I liked exactly what I had in my hands and laid them down. I painted my title in my version of brush script with black goache paint and then cut my strips from left to right 2.25", 2.5", 8" (the hello paper so it would stretch all the way underneath the vellum), and vellum at 6". I layered them a little on top of each other to give the impression of overlapping instead of laying them flat side by side. And that's pretty much it - I used the Traveling Typewriter font and printed on vellum.


Luckily if you've missed out on the awesome Simple Scrapper Start Fresh event (a scrapbook planning e-course), then I suggest you take advantage of this offer to purchase it separately from the membership! I love the membership because it includes this event PLUS the amazing Stash Bash event (which sounds like there may be a mini stash bash in February, plus the big one this July), on top of the monthly membership goodies - it's an awesome value!

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Wednesday, January 14, 2015

Love layout and a FREE file for cutting + tutorial!

What's wrong with a green Christmas? This was the day after - we got to go for a walk while Chris was still home for Christmas break, so nice!!

I used a Sketch Template from Simple Scrapper's Premium Membership and just LOVED this one, but needed to change a couple things to make it work for me.

So I started by making the "Love" title myself and turning it into a cut file to cut out of white paper to match the background. (see below for quick tutorial how I did this, as well as the title as a jpg for free download!) I put my three strips of paper down approximately where they would go and traced the top portion of the title with pencil then hand cut with scissors a little above the pencil marks to leave some extra space above the title. I also die cut some sketchy hearts in all different sizes in 3 card stock colors and just played around with filling in the top area with them till I got them how I wanted them, then picked up each one and adhered with my Martha Stewart glue pen! Phew! Other than that I stuck pretty closely to the sketch template and used Studio Calico's Far Far Away scrapbook kit to complete it.

Click here!
Right-click and you can download it :)

Beginner tutorial for Silhouette Cameo (how to turn image into cut file):
Open your Silhouette software, this is what you'll see:

Open the file you want to trace, and make sure to select "All Files" from the file type dropdown:

When you open it, it will open huge and also have a warning sign about the resolution, but unless you plan to cut that large, you can ignore that and resize to about where you want it.

(to resize: select the image by clicking on it, then grabbing one of the corners to resize and keep the proportions).

Here's the crux of tutorial:
1. Click the tracing tool
2. Click "Select trace area"
3. Make a box around the image
4. Uncheck "high pass filter"
5. Click "trace"
Then you can remove the original image by selecting it and deleting it, and you are left with your cut file!

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Tuesday, January 13, 2015

Natalie's First Snowfall

It was unexpected. We were walking into the store on New Years' Eve to get some snacks and I was carrying Natalie when I realized she was just so amazed and amused by the falling snow! She was laughing and squealing with delight, and kept reaching up trying to reach the snow! When a snowflake landed on her face, she was surprised and declared "water!" and it was too cute not to stop in the freezing cold and get a couple pictures!

I started the layout by using a Sketch Template from Simple Scrapper's Premium Membership, but veered from it once I decided to do a big title.

To do the title, I first wrote it out and tried to make it a "clean" brush script so that it wouldn't have too many jagged edges when I went to cut it. I photographed it and turned it into a digital print and then got it into my Silhouette software and sized it. I actually cut it into that white background paper so I could try different papers and see which one looked best. Glad I did too because that rose print from Studio Calico's Park Ave kit wasn't my first choice, but as soon as I backed it, it looked perfect!

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