Monday, December 16, 2013

December Daily Day 15

Natalie turned 4 months old yesterday! I didn't do much for this layout other than add the pics.

For the left side I stamped the Christmas tradition stamps from Technique Tuesday and cut it out to go over the photo... while it is not actually a Christmas tradition, I really would love to make it one - that Chris makes me french toast with egg nog!! And not just any egg nog, we discovered the best egg nog in the world - Byrne Dairy Santa Pack! It tastes like melted vanilla ice cream!! It brought back memories to my own childhood, stirring my ice cream till it melted because it tasted so good that way. Then I discovered that Chris used to do the same thing as a kid! The Best!!

Anyway, the journal card on the right side changed 3 times. The first two edits I wrote about the egg nog and a little about having Natalie in bed with us in the morning. But then I wrote an email to my mom and highlighted a random moment we had today where Natalie started laughing at Chris today for no apparent reason! We were just having a conversation in the kitchen and I was holding her while she sat on the island and Chris was cleaning the kitchen - well, maybe it was the sound and her funny dad, but she just loved when Chris started throwing empty water bottles into a plastic bag! So Chris started throwing the bottles, shaking the bag, and dancing around acting goofy and she was laughing so hard just from that, which made us laugh really hard too! These are the family moments I absolutely want to remember and will cherish forever...

I hope I remember this later, to capture all these random moments and not worry if the journaling matches the pictures.

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