Thursday, December 19, 2013

December Daily Day 18

Last night after I got Natalie down for the night, I was so tired so I definitely wanted to keep this spread as simple and quick as possible and not worry about adding a bunch of embellishments.

For the left side I let the premade cards do all my decorating for me, and just added a couple pieces. Chris took a picture of me and Natalie next to our little LED tabletop tree, as she's wearing her Thanksgiving day bib haha!

The pics for the right side were messaged to me while I was working - Natalie's crying in her baby carrier, then asleep in her car seat with my hoodie haha!

For most of the rest of the album, I used more of the filler cards - and now I'm really glad I did that more towards the end. It seems like the beginning of the month it's easier to decorate and create than towards the end as you're running out of ideas or sleep! I am def going to remember to do this next year - use more of the cards towards the end of the month!

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