Thursday, May 1, 2014


Last month, my friend had a surprise sprinkle shower for her sister-in-law and our other friend, for her 4th baby! She was so surprised, she cried and then made everyone else cry and it was so beyond sweet! The whole shower was so lovely, especially because everyone pitched in to help do something for it! My friend who hosted it, made an awesome cake with a little "Baby" banner, a clothesline decor with onesies, and mason jars with name tags! She decorated in soft colors - "shabby chic" and then someone else made a diaper cake, I made a "Baby Girl" banner, someone brought a bouquet of roses made from strawberries, another bouquet of real flowers, lots of desserts and treats, and well - I printed up a lot of pictures for this one, to show how "Pinterest-y" the party was!

I used a cut file by Paige Evans for Studio Calico to cut the frames. First I cut just the outer edges from that woodgrain paper, then I cut all the frames from the yellow polkadot paper. I had sized down my photos in Photoshop Elements and placed them generally where I thought they would go - luckily able to open the cut file as .png in PSE. Then I printed them all on a 8.5x11 page so I wouldn't waste photo paper. After that I placed the yellow polkadot paper frame over each photo, and cut basically around it without having to be too fussy because I would just place the whole thing underneath the woodgrain paper. I actually finished the entire page (not including printing the photos) in under 3 hours yesterday, in 3 increments during Natalie's naps!

I just love how this page turned out! My husband, of course used his basketball analogy, and said this page is a triple-double! Thank goodness I didn't get the "even Michael Jordan didn't shoot a triple-double every game" speech :)

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