Thursday, July 7, 2011

Smashbook Pages!

Recap: I'm using my Smashbook as a place for stuff and pictures that wouldn't make a full scrapbook page layout or wouldn't fit into any particular scrapbook.

For my wedding and honeymoon pictures, I've put them into an album but had some extra "stuff" that I wanted to keep, so threw them in here as well! The dried flowers in the pocket were the Dendrobium Orchids that were in my hair.

For the next page, I took the photo of me and my husband getting (re)baptized from our church's new website: Calvary Chapel Westside and kept the little announcement of the picnic and baptism from the church program one Sunday. The other side are a couple of pics I took on my iPhone from Fathers Day, walking around my in-law's neighborhood.

For this last page, I had taken just a few snapshots from a random day going to a lakeside restaurant for dinner. I printed out the restaurant menu from their website and threw it in there, which was an added touch because they recently updated the menu which forced me to try something new! My favorite picture of the group is the picture taken when I caught Chris in our kitchen later, finishing our ice cream wedding cake after we had just pigged out on a huge dinner!

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