Wednesday, October 23, 2013

Good Stuff!

Back with another 12x12 layout, taking a break from December Daily prep to get back to my true love haha! And this makes for reason #500 that I should try to do DD prep in advance - so I can take random breaks from it and work on my regular layouts without getting behind on it!

Anyway, this is from end of September when we went to Cobblestone farm - a local farm, to pick out our pumpkins on a warm fall day! We also picked up some local vegetables while we were there and they had the sweetest concord grapes we've ever tasted!

This layout came together very quickly, especially since it only uses paper and digital printables from the Antiquary kit by Studio Calico! I used the OfficeMax Impress printing services to print out my printables on 80# Gloss cover card stock (nice and thick with a slight shine) and cut them out by hand! While I was at it, I also got my printables for DD all printed out - and it was so cheap and came out beautifully! I love using their service instead of my crapper printer and paper to get these printed out! And one final note: this makes my 10th layout with Antiquary, yay for using up supplies!!

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