Sunday, October 6, 2013

Bearded Buds

Our friends came over to meet Natalie and also made and brought us an amazing dinner! I didn't get pics of the dinner though because we ate it right away, like while they were still over!! It was delicious and we were so blessed by it, especially back then - that first week with our newborn was so crazy!

I made this layout tonight while Chris took Natalie for a walk - it was that fast!! I wasn't planning on making a layout tonight because my new kit comes tomorrow, but it came together so quickly and easily I wasn't gonna fight it!

I used the Double Scoop kit by Studio Calico, but also added some bits and pieces from Amy Tangerine's Cut & Paste collection. I basically just grabbed some scraps from the kit that were on my table and arranged them to make the background, then embellished - I'm amazed how quickly I scrap these days! I guess if you've got a ticking time bomb going (aka baby), then you're bound to do things a little faster haha!!

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