Tuesday, October 1, 2013

December Daily Finished!!

Woohoo, I finally finished December Daily 2012!! I know it's October 1st, 2013... but... well... um... I never completed my December Daily and thought it would never happen. But then Studio Calico posted some sneaks of their upcoming December Daily kit with Ali Edwards for this year and I really like that it's going back to a bigger size, so that was the motivation for me to finish up DD from last year so I wouldn't feel so guilty about pre-ordering this year's kit!! I had finished up to Day 12, but had stopped and then thought it wasn't going to get finished, but the long break from it actually helped me get some pages done quickly and over the past couple weeks I was able to finish it out! Here are my pages!

Day 13: I found some scraps of paper and stopped worrying about finding the "perfect" use for that gold polkadot vellum paper, so I just kept it simple and moved on.

Day 14: Not too holiday-ish but I used the postcard from the Studio Calico journal boxes and some airmail twine since Chris' coat had blue and red to match and he came home for lunch that day to take a walk with me!

Day 15: I had seen one of Ali's pages I think it was that had the diagonal red lettering like that, so I used it for my title - this was me and my friend scrapping December Daily haha!

Day 16: I had also seen somebody use those Studio Calico diamond stickers like this as well and scraplifted the idea. I decided to keep my album holiday-themed in appearance even for non-holiday themed photos!

Day 17: Another quick layout - I had decided if I was going to finish this by the end of September (which I would have if Natalie wasn't sick and kept me busy all day yesterday), then I would just have to keep these pages simple!

Day 18: I looked back to my 25 Days class pdf's and saw Kinsey Wilson had a layout where she used that washi tape diagonal, so I did the same, but added in the sparkly silver washi since it sort of matched my new/used car!

Day 19: Just some simple stamping and embossing here

Day 20: I had printed out some of the class printable labels and decided to stamp on them and add some to the journal box along with some of those enamel dots - simple!

Day 21: Again just simple, did some stamping and added some stickers and called it a day!

Day 22: My least favorite but I got it done - I cut the note card from my Silhouette

Day 23: Decided to also embellish the photo a little too - what a difference that makes!

Day 24: I used the multi print feature (not sure what it's called exactly) on my Canon Selphy CP800 and decided to mimic the layout on the opposite page! I love how it turned out and it was so simple too!

Day 25: My only use of a transparency, I had cut that Dec 25 glittery piece with my Silhouette last year! I bought it from the Silhouette online store with the intention to use it specifically like this... I just didn't know I wouldn't get to it for another 10 months!

So there it is!! 2012 is completed and I'm ready to do this year's and maybe even finish it before October 1, 2014!! Haha, no promises though!


  1. Great job! It turned out so cute! I love the photo collage!

    1. Thank you Deb!! I am so glad to have this project done so I can look forward to the new DD kit this year!!

  2. Replies
    1. Thanks Shanna!! (Looking forward to your Printshop collection release!!)