Wednesday, November 27, 2013

Public Market

The weekend before last weekend, we took Natalie to the public market for the first time! Well, we didn't go for her, we went because she had had enough awake time and was ready to nap (so we knew she'd just sleep in her car seat carrier) and it was still early before it got to crowded, and it was probably the last weekend we could take her and go as a family before it gets too frigid out! So I put on her little green knit hat that was made by my cousin, and we flew out the door before 8am! Um, I never fly out the door before 8am... or at least I didn't before I had a kid!

Anyway, I knew when I printed that picture of the painted murals on the wall outside the market that I wanted to use that background paper from the Cuppa kit by Studio Calico. It went perfectly! I just had to figure out what else to do with it, so I opened my Silhouette software and do what I often do when I'm lacking on ideas and embellishments (I didn't buy any scrapbook add-on kits this month since I knew I'd be going back to work and probably not scrapping as much). Anyway, I landed on those sketchy circles that I purchased back in February from Studio Calico and cut out 5 of them from that clay-colored paper that came in the card add-on kit.

Beyond that, it was really pretty simple! Gotta love how easy the Silhouette makes life (if you're a scrapper haha)! I love the software, and before cutting them out, I placed them in the software sort of where I'd want them on my page to get an idea of the size and how many to cut. Now hopefully I'll get the rest of my public market pics scrapped over the long Thanksgiving weekend so I can concentrate solely on December Daily for the rest of the year!!

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