Monday, November 4, 2013

Experiment in scrapbooking!

This is the first card my husband ever made!! My mom had given him a really nice birthday gift, so I wanted to send her a special thank you card and jokingly told Chris that I would pick out some basic supplies and have him make her a card... well somehow he agreed, so here's how it went!!

Here are the supplies I ended up picking out, sort of like a mini kit - I chose 4 sheets of paper, 2 types of wood veneer, 2 washi tapes, 1 glitter tape (black though), 2 sets of letter stickers, 1 set of puffy stickers, and some basic tools:

I set it up in the kitchen while he was at the store so when he came back he had his own workspace - he really liked that! Later he sat down, and it was so interesting to watch him, because his process was so unlike mine! He immediately grabbed a piece of paper and looked like he knew EXACTLY what he wanted to do! I was so intrigued! First thing he did was grab his patterned paper like a seasoned pro!

I didn't show him how to use anything or make any suggestions for ideas, and I tried not to hover too much! Then I heard him say he broke my tape gun.

Not to despair, it just takes a couple times using it to get used to it. So I got it working for him again.

The next part really surprised me, because one of the papers I picked out had these speech bubbles, and I was going to suggest he could cut some out to use but decided not to say anything, just to see what he would come up with on his own. So it was so cool when I saw him start to cut out a speech bubble without any prompting - such an advanced technique!!

After that, I didn't get any more pics of his process because I had to get the baby, but I saw him adding the letter stickers inside the speech bubble - what a funny guy, he didn't just write "thank you" but "I say thank you" hahaha!! In my head I just hear that phrase spoken with a British accent after someone gets handed their afternoon tea, hilarious!

Then I saw him select a washi tape and he tore one edge and cut the other, then did two strips that way! He says he knew to do it that way from seeing how I've done it, but I wouldn't have thought to do the two rows like that - really cool!

The only part I helped him with was how to use the mini glue dots to adhere the wood veneer arrow in place, and done!! So interesting!! Here it is again:

Afterwards, when he had finished the card in like 15 minutes I asked him how he made it so quickly, and he replied, "Decisiveness my friend" haha which is something I do not have! I am really indecisive, which is part of what makes my scrapping take really long if I'm not forcing myself to make decisions quickly. Then I asked him what his favorite embellishment was, and he said patterned paper, which is the perfect answer - because it seems to be the common bond amongst all us scrappers! In fact, I was just listening to this week's Paperclipping Roundtable earlier in the day and they had joked that paper is like the gateway drug for scrapbookers!!

Final thought: Chris said he could see why I like to scrap! So I would call this experiment/adventure in scrapbooking a big success!!


  1. That is awesome that he jumped right in and made a card! Great pics to capture it too!

    1. Thanks @lil gik, I wish I had gotten a few more but I didn't want to interrupt his creativity haha!

  2. Replies
    1. Thank you @Amanda!! I love that my mom will get a card and thank you note totally from him instead of made by me but written by him!!

  3. I love that he just jumped in and did instead of refusing it!
    My better half made me a Layout for my Birthday this year, and I adore it so much!

    Regards, Lilith

    1. Thank you Lilith, he's such a good sport about that sort of stuff!! I think that's so amazing yours made you a layout, wow!! Link up if you posted it, would love to see it :)

  4. I had to pop over from the SC forum to see the additional photos. I wish I could finish part of a card in 15 minutes! It takes me that long to choose my ink color with some projects. Chris made a great card, which I'm sure your mom with appreciate.
    I clicked on your link to your Bible study notes and think it is wonderful that you scrap them. That journal probably means even more to you since it praised God with your creative gift.

    1. Thank you so much for your nice comments @nancy jane!! I'm the same way with cards or layouts - I rarely just dig in and start without having taken awhile picking things out etc!! And thank you for looking at my Bible study notes, they are the best way for me to use my "gift" and help me to refocus on what's truly important in life - I love this hobby and the "things" but if I can't bring any glory to Jesus then it's not worth it to me! Your comment made me go get out my notebook which I haven't worked on since before my baby was born! So double thank you! Hopefully I'll get a chance to work on it again soon!!