Saturday, November 23, 2013

What a Fun Guy!

Last layout from September walking around the Green Acres farm shop and enjoying the beautiful fall day! I just LOVE the Printshop collection by Shanna Noel at Studio Calico so so much! Every layout has been just about my favorite! I've mentioned before that Chris has a saying for when a layout isn't his favorite or isn't the best, he says "Even Michael Jordan didn't shoot a triple-double every game," but when I went over to the other side of the basement (where he is setting up his home gym, yay), and showed him this layout, he said, "now that's a triple-double!" Wow!! Thank you Shanna, making it so simple to create great layouts!!

I really didn't do much so it didn't take me very long - just added some journal cards and embellishments from the collection in a sort of a grid style. But I got the idea for the layout from the Process class over at Big Picture Classes that I'm taking with Catherine Davis. One of the lessons talked about balance and I tried to keep that in mind as I created this.

At the end of the layout, I took a look and saw a little too much boldness at the top left corner, so I tried to even it out a little better by adding an outline to the piece of paper on the bottom right. Love when these come together so quickly and easily!

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