Monday, November 11, 2013

Stupid Face

I am definitely now a weekend scrapper, but now that I've gotten faster since Natalie was born, I think I'll be much better at taking advantage of it! I made 2 and a half layouts this weekend (plus 2 cards) so let's say I can get 3 layouts done a weekend, I should still be able to do 12 layouts a month... should hehe :)

I used the Printshop line by Studio Calico again for this layout of Chris and Natalie at Green Acres at the end of September! Um, what's wrong with me, I have like 30 layouts for the first 1.5 months of Natalie's life... at that rate I would have 240 pages or so by her first birthday!

Anyway, I used some pieces from the Process class kit by Studio Calico that I'm taking over at Big Picture Classes with Catherine Davis - namely the "I love your stupid face" card and the wood veneer ampersand! I was nice though and wrote some things I love about my husband on a piece of paper I cut out from the same collection. I used some letter stickers from this month's Cuppa kit. Thanks for stopping by!

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