Saturday, February 4, 2012

Karate Kid

I made this card for my nephew who got his black belt promotion in karate today! He did great! The craziest thing was they had some guy lay across 2 chairs with a watermelon on his stomach while this woman took this huge sword, blindfolded (of course) and swung the sword from overhead and sliced the watermelon in half and didn't so much as graze the guy! I had to cover my eyes!

So I hate to admit that this is my first time adding sewing to a scrapbook anything because I was rushed for time and also don't have the right supplies yet, since I couldn't wait to buy any and instead just searched the house for that little sewing kit that is probably supposed to be for a one-time use...

Even though I learned some other types of stitches from this blog entry by Kinsey Wilson, I was short on time and just did a simple in-out sort of thing, I don't even know if that has a name. Anyway, she has some really great lessons for stitching into your scrapbooks, which I will refer to more later when I actually do something worthwhile and buy some supplies!

  • Learn to thread a needle... I had done this in 8th grade a long time ago, and at first I was thinking you thread the needle to the middle of the thread, but when I went to sew it didn't make any sense, start over.
  • Thread the needle, tie a little knot in the end (I don't know if this is what you're supposed to do but it seemed to work, well double-knotted anyway)
  • Oh wait, ok sorry, go back and poke some holes in the paper first, so you know where you're sewing - I did this by drawing a rectangle on the back of the (front of the) card then poked dots about 1/4" apart along all the sides with the same needle and luckily the kit came with this funny looking red plastic thimble because pushing down on the other end of the needle is almost as bad as pushing down on the tip of the needle, what the heck!
  • Put the needle through the paper and tape down the end to the back once it's mostly through - this is the best part about sewing through paper for scrapbooks instead of "real life" since you can just tape your thread down instead of having to do special knots or something like I think you have to, or however they do it (they being, those people that sew clothes)
  • I just sewed in one hole and out the other - not very hard! I tried the back-stitch and zigzag-stitch though and really love how those look, just didn't have time today.
  • Hopefully next time I will be a little more advanced with some more advanced tools!

  • I cut the guy out using the Sports Mania Cricut cartridge at 3.5"
  • The stamp is a sentiments stamp by Recollections embossed with Stampendous! Winter Wonderland powder
  • Easy card, but fun to do!

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