Tuesday, October 23, 2012

Romans 1:16-17, Romans 1:18-23, Romans 1:24-32

I grouped together my Sunday bible study notes from the past few weeks here, since I am trying not to post until I have full pages completed. So here's the message from several weeks ago:

I used Studio Calico's Central High kit to complete the pages. I added the verse Hebrews 12:2 to the little folder in the upper right corner.

I like these points:
* The power isn't in the messenger, it's in the message!
* Proclaim Him boldly, unashamedly

Continued from the second half of the first page, Romans 1:18-23:

I used pieces from the Roller Rink kit by Studio Calico, except the frame from the Yearbook collection by Studio Calico and the tag, I had sewed that a long time ago just for fun, but seemed to match the papers here.

* In order for God to be Holy and love that which is good, He has to hate evil
* God's saying, my wrath is being revealed by allowing man to do what he wants

And finally, the wrap up of Chapter 1!

I kept these pages real simple since I had a lot of text to cover. I used a Tim Holtz stamp (the guy with the umbrella), which always looked sort of lonely to me, which is what you'd be without God!

* God can save you no matter what state you are in - the heart of God is to save you
* Love the sinner, not the sin


  1. Love your stuff, Emily. <3
    I used your page on Romans 1:16-17 this morning in Bible class, introducing this quarter's study on Romans. Hope that's OK.

    1. That's awesome Bob!! You can even hear the original teachings by our pastor here: http://www.ccwestside.com/online-teachings
      Hope you were blessed!!