Tuesday, November 10, 2015

#Challenge52Kits Summer of '69 - August 2012

Welcome to Summer of '69, the kit from August 2012!

ABOUT SUMMER OF '69 | I felt like this would've been counted as yet another mostly pink, girly kit, except for the dramatic navy blue and clouds mixed in! Either way I would've loved it and I did love this kit!

Main kit leftover

Five & Dime leftover

Drive-in Leftover

A LAYOUT | For my layout I used this free cut file from a few months ago on the Basic Grey blog by Lisa Dickinson! At the time I had cut it out of white paper and decided to save it for a time when I would be crunched for time and would need make a layout without fussing over the design etc. This way I was able to just get right to work on cutting the circles and my pictures and not worrying so much about planning the layout!

To print and cut my pictures, I measured approximately the diameter of the circle I wanted to fill in the template with my ruler, then I made that size circle in Photoshop. I used it to mask my photo, and made sure to leave some extra space around the people in the photos in case part of it was covered up once I put it behind the template. I did a rough cut around each circle by hand, then taped it to the back of the template, super easy! I did a similar thing for the papers, except I traced them on the front, then did my rough cut, then erased the pencil lines before taping.

NEXT UP | Central High, and more Amy Tangerine goodness!

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