Tuesday, April 14, 2015

My Happy Place

OK this layout was the result of me running down to my scrap area and needing to just make a layout quickly to make myself feel better about last month's "last call" sale at Studio Calico, where I may have gone a bit over budget buying kits for super cheap prices! After making those purchases, I honestly also made 6 cards just to use some supplies and feel better... um yeah, those cards used up like 4 feathers, 2 wood veneer stars from a pack of like 30, 2 frames from a pack of 8, and a few sheets of paper, doh! Anyway, this one was fast and simple... didn't make me feel like I used up a lot of supplies, but did make me feel better that I finished another layout.

Secret: This might've been the 2nd happiest moment in my life, as far as crying from sheer joy... the 1st being my wedding day of course! Sounds crazy, but Natalie was kind of miserable with it raining at Disney World and her face getting wet and stuff. Then she saw Mickey and Minnie in the rainy day parade and her face just LIT UP and she pointed and was soooo excited to see them finally!! Just seeing her face go from misery to blinking in the rain and pointing and happy... ugh, my heart!!

Anyway, onto the nitty gritty! I used the Odyssey kit from Studio Calico and this Fairytale Card set by Life.Love.Paper, stars from the Waldorf add-on kit from Studio Calico's Park Ave release. I was also inspired to add a little text to my photo and print out my journaling from the Text Tricks class by Pam Baldwin for Big Picture Classes... I had only taken the first lesson by now, so this doesn't even showcase a smidgen of what I learned from that class, so I strongly recommend checking it out!

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