Monday, August 5, 2013

Graduation card!

I made this card for our cousins' graduation! It was a fun and simple one to make once I had the idea...

The main part of the card is the window - I just love the transparency paper I bought from the Studio Calico shop! You can buy transparency paper at an office supply store, but I've found it to be super expensive and you have to buy a lot of it, whereas SC sells it in just this pack of 10 sheets!

To start the card though, I added strips of, believe it or not, 3M Scotch brand washi tape that I picked up at Office Max the other day! They had some really cools color combinations, and I've determined I need more washi tape that has multiple colors in it, rather than just one color! This washi still feels and tears like normal washi tape, but the colors are very vibrant - I am loving that Scotch makes these now!

Anyway, after laying down strips of washi across the whole card, I cut out the frame from my Silhouette, then cut the inner rectangle out of the front of the card. I cut a rectangle slightly larger from the transparency and adhered to the back of the frame before adhering the full frame down. Added some thickers and stamped a personal congrats to our cousin Ray across the bottom and done! The only thing I'm thinking of adding is possibly backing the window with the cash we are going to give him :)

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