Tuesday, February 14, 2012


My husband is REALLY into speakers and his sound system lately... and I am really into stitching & sewing into my scrapbooks and cards lately... so this is the resulting Valentines' Day card he got on Friday night when we celebrated early by going to dinner at Tavern58 on Gibbs St. (side note: do not leave there without getting their blue cheese au gratin potatoes!)

Basically I knew I wanted to make a speaker, so after he went to bed one night, I took the cover off one of his stand up speakers and took a look - luckily I watched him enough I guess to get the cover back on ok haha. He is also crazy and has to run every single cord into the basement, but I was not as neat on the back of my card.

  • Cut rectangle from Creative Memories shimmer paper, punched circles from black paper and just started piercing holes and stitching!
  • For the hearts I stamped a heart on the back of the paper and pierced holes around it, then cut out the heart with my exacto knife
  • The letter stickers are Mini ABC stickers from Pebbles

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