Thursday, June 16, 2011

Fathers' Day

Phew, finished my Fathers Day cards before waiting till the last minute and panicking at the thought of having to actually buy a card!

The one on the right is for my new father-in-law! He really enjoys playing pool and golf (but golf is so overdone, thought I'd go with a pool card, except hopefully I won't be eating my words next year). This card looks simpler than the other one but was much harder to come up with because I could not think of a Cricut cartridge with an image of a pool table top! Oh boy, I had to do this all by hand!

After a few drawings, a couple of failed prototypes with scrap paper and a seriously broken blood vessel in my hand from trying to punch through too many layers of heavy cardstock, I simplified it and still love how it came out!

  • Cut brown Bazzill paper 6.75"x4.75" (yes I'm crazy and will measure down to 3 decimals in some cases, this was only because I wanted that 1/4" border of the card to be shown)
  • Cut one sheet each of black and green paper 6.25"x4.25" and then corner round all three sheets
  • Using the smallest circle on the Creative Memories mini circle punch, I punched 6 circles on the green paper, making sure to go off the edge a bit
  • Adhere green paper over black paper, and then adhere that over the brown paper
  • I didn't have a small enough circle punch to do the letters in proportional size balls, so I just used Black & Cream Sticky Keys from October Afternoon letter stickers to arrange in a triangle
  • Finally, it's a good thing I randomly bought a 1/4" Fiskars hole punch, to add that little white dot as a finishing touch!

This other card is for my stepdad, who's currently in India for the month, so had I really planned better, I would've done something India-themed. Instead I just started by picking out old newsprint paper that I liked from Tim Holtz Crowded Attic paper pack and using that as the main inspiration for this card, which came together pretty quickly when my friend Kara was over for dinner the other night.

  • I still had leftover dark green Bazzill dotted swiss from that other baby boy card, which only had a star punch taken out of a whole piece of 12x12 paper - that bothered me, so I decided to use more of it here!
  • Punched, then cut the Tim Holtz newsprint paper
  • I used a Tim Holtz clock stamp, and embossed it with Stampendous Winter Wonderland embossing powder (which is basically a sparkly white opaque color)
  • Borrowed an unknown metal square brad from said friend Kara, and put it through the middle of the metal clock, also from Tim Holtz
  • The letters and tabbed word stickers are from the collection called For the Record by Echo Park Paper Co

Hope everyone has a Happy Fathers Day!

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