Saturday, December 6, 2014

December Daily: Day 5

I only got a few photos inside of my mom and daughter playing while Chris was at a men's dinner at church. The lighting wasn't good and I have no idea how to use my camera, ahhh! I had a few better photos from earlier in the day with the sunlight coming through but I wanted to keep all the photos for just one event.

Despite not having great photos, I used one to make a 6x8 full page since I didn't know what paper to use here, and just cut a strip for the bottom portion on the left. I added a small puffy star sticker from the kit.

Originally I was going to do another see through pocket with the number six on the other side, but decided against having another one so soon. If I use the 6 on the other side, I'll back it with paper. I wanted a place to journal in one pocket and wanted to decorate another pocket. I kept it simple by just adding one of the plastic hearts and the wood veneer 5 on top.

And this concludes the first 5 weekdays of December and I'm still caught up, woohoo!! That's an accomplishment in and of itself, especially after watching 2 kids on Wednesday and making it to church Wednesday night!


  1. Awesome pictures! Love the #5 in the heart on top of type paper! Beautiful day 5!

    1. Thank you Tori, yes I wanted to be able to show as much of that lovely script as possible!