Thursday, December 4, 2014

December Daily: Day 3

I took a billion photos yesterday. This made is super difficult to pick out my favorites, but lately Natalie's been super smiley so this one was perfect. Here's Day 4!

You can see here my original foundation page for this layout. I included a title for the bottom left card that said "tradition" but that didn't really fit my story for the day so I was stuck with the stars I had stamped the length of the title. I ended up adding more stars (in the wrong color ink oops) to the right side and kept my journaling to the left side.

Also, since I'm not sure if I will feel like stitching in the "3", I figured I'd rather have that in a bottom pocket, so it will be less likely to fall out of the album. I ended up using the back of the other card that was in there, since it matched and I didn't have another story or photo to put on top of the orange pocket. I also got lazy and didn't feel like making a fancy decoration so I just covered it with gold glitter tape and called it a day!

On a side note, I first heard Chris "taking shots" of whipped cream at 6am! Then of course, Natalie heard it too and had to run over and do the same as Daddy. No pun intended, I whipped out my camera and caught them helping themselves to whipped cream directly in the mouth!!