Friday, December 5, 2014

December Daily: Day 4

So yesterday I didn't take AS many photos, which was nice I didn't have to cull through a million, but I didn't really have that great of a story to tell (we did nothing), and I didn't have any particular shot that I was like, oh I should definitely include this. That is, until I went to Instagram the left page first, thinking I would leave the right side for tomorrow. I started commenting on Instagram how I was messing around and wasn't very productive, but on the other hand and in stark contrast to me, Chris had come home early from work to drop off the car to get it checked out, took some calls and brought home some work to do, put together our new desk for the kitchen for us, cooked both of us dinner and the next day's lunches, then brewed us some Oolong teas so he could stay up and finish packaging a bike he sold for some extra cash for new brakes for my car (and so I could stay up and finish December Daily). Then I realized, that's my story for the day!

So I made the left side very simply, mainly I added the gold embossed "December Moments" stamp from Ali Edwards (I cut off "Wonderful Magical" from above those words). I am already wanting more of those gold foil labels, especially because last year I used the Studio Calico printable labels by Hello Forever all throughout my album but am feeling lost without them this year! I left the back of the "3" unfinished so as not to draw attention to it.

I used some of the tiny letter stickers for my title and other than that I just added my journaling around the edge of the page and finished it on the back. It was 1am and I wanted to go to bed! Queue the gold glitter heart in the corner of my photo and that's a wrap!

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