Tuesday, December 2, 2014

December Daily: Day 1!!

So far so good, I am not behind yet!! Day 1 was great, I had Chris bring up that LED tabletop tree that I scrapped about here. I decided that would be a great first day post again, and it would be fun to compare how different that room looks every year that we live here! And look, you can already tell how much has changed - Natalie is no longer in the swing, but has her little walking and riding toys, awww! So prior to leaving for Monday night prayer at church, I had another photo for the bottom right, a nice 4x6 of Natalie playing with her never-before-used Fisher Price Little People Nativity set that I had bought last year at a discount after the season was over, but c'mon how cute is that picture of Natalie and her older friend pointing to their eyes together! I had to use it.

So I had to do some rearranging from my foundation page - originally I had that scripty paper on the left, but it made it look too busy and I didn't want to mess with lots of layering etc. to make it work. I also didn't use the trees chipboard piece with the "1" on the right, since it didn't really go and I ended up liking just the number by itself with the label.

Aside from those minor changes, it was now time to play! After I selected my embellishments for the left side, I had 2 thoughts. 1) It's not enough. And 2) Ahh, I can't use up so many embellishments on one page!! Then I had to talk myself out of these thoughts. 1) Yes, I could spend another hour and come up with something way more intricate, but will I want to do that for the next 25 days or would I rather get this page done? And 2) I have yet to "run out of product" while working on a scrapbooking project, I have plenty leftover from the last 2 years if need be, and if there's any day I should use more, it might as well be Day 1!!

So my plan is to keep chipping away, and at the very least, I will take photos and document as needed. If time allots, I will also try to print as I go, as I think this will make it easier down the road. I love this project, it makes me so happy! Oh and one more thing, I took out the last 2 years of December Daily albums, and already Natalie has looked through both a few times, asking me to "rea, rea, rea" them to her. She likes seeing Mommy and Daddy on so many pages haha!

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