Thursday, October 23, 2014

This Happened

A group photo - 17 kids + 8 moms (well 19 + 9 all together but not pictured), made it to the zoo! We had such a nice time and it was a nice, hot afternoon! One of the moms was getting pretty preggo, one mom had just given birth a couple weeks before, and I had to nurse Natalie in the sun in the middle of the outdoor eating area under a cover, wow!

I basically just started with the piece of map paper from The Underground kit and went from there.

I added a bunch of 4x6 papers from the paper pad that went with the kit and ended up just wanting to layer them across the page. I had another piece of book paper and finally cut into that beautiful vellum paper that came with the kit. I cut the (plastic?) diamond piece in two, slightly off center and added them to the outer edges of the paper. And finally the title I painted in brush script using goache paint on blank book paper and cut close out - I was going to use the foam thicker phrase that came with the Plus One kit by Amy Tangerine + Kal Barteski, but it was too big, so I basically tried to make it look with a similar style.

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