Thursday, May 2, 2013

Outdoor Pets!

Chris and I don't have any pets - no dogs, cats, or even a goldfish. But I love feeding all my outdoor pets including birds of all sorts and last summer, my ducks! They came over every evening, walking over to eat any leftover birdseed on the ground, but then they'd run over when they saw me come out back!

The class I'm taking this month at Studio Calico, Pop Off the Page 2 with Jen Jockisch began yesterday! I didn't take the first class and since I have NO IDEA how to create layers (I’m more of a full page, fairly "flat" scrapper), I decided to see what I could learn from this class and so far, wow, so good! It was SO quick and easy to create this layout, especially without much of an idea what I was going to do.

Usually I have to have an idea, sketch, or example to follow to get going on a layout, and for this one I thought I was going to just copy Marcy Penner's example layout she made for the class. But this took a whole different direction after I selected papers from my pile of scrap pieces leftover from this month's Spencer's kit by Studio Calico! I also didn't try to line up everything perfectly, added in a few extra pieces and watched it take a life of its own!

Therefore I am very excited to finish this class this month!!

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