Sunday, April 28, 2013

2 page layout - Rochester!

OK so where do I begin!? I had a bunch of pictures that my husband Chris took me around Rochester, well more specifically, mostly the town of Greece where we grew up, so I could make a mini album for my best childhood friend who moved away in college (here is the mini album I ended up making with those pictures). I decided I wanted to make a quick 2 page layout of those pics I got for myself!

The inspiration for this side actually came from a magazine article I was reading while waiting with my husband at the Doctor's office last week, it was a WebMD magazine. I liked the idea of finding inspiration from ads etc from the class I took earlier this year with Nicole Samuels, Bright Ideas at Studio Calico. So I tried as inconspicuously as I could, to take a pic with my iPhone of the page - here it is:

It looked like a unique grid and when I went to get started on the page, it looked to me sort of like a newspaper with different sections.

I still have this month's Studio Calico kit on my table, Spencer's but really wanted a newspaper type background so I dug up last May's 35mm kit and found those thin sheets of newsprint by Bazzill Basics! Yes! So glad I saved that paper :)

I decided just to sew the lines with black thread and then used embellishments from Spencer's to finish it up!

The same day we went to the Doctor's office, Chris wasn't feeling well (hence, the Doctor), so we picked up some magazines at the store so he could relax and if he gets one, then I can get one too! I knew we'd be going soon to the special Star Trek TNG event at the movie theater the following week (they played the Borg episodes, Best of Both Worlds) and so I geekily bought a Star Trek magazine! Again, I flipped through and found this stats page to be a similar grid design that I really liked:

I wanted to keep the newspaper theme though, but not be overwhelm the eye with newsprint, so I cut up some of the polkadot paper and added to cardstock to section it off instead.

To give it more of a newspaper feel, I sewed the black lines for the title to go in between and pulled out my Amy Tangerine black foam thickers to use for the titles of each section!

My favorite part is that when I was finished and showed my layout to Chris, he goes, "Nice! I like how you used the radiant technique!" to explain the bottom portion I made with the colored strings and brads haha! His perspective on scrapbooking is so funny!

Here are the pages together:

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