Friday, May 17, 2013

3D Paper Box Envelope!

Today is wedding day!! For our friends Stevie and Brittany :) A week ago when I made their card (see here), I knew it was probably not going to fit inside a regular envelope since those acrylic cabochons (flowers) stuck out so much. So I designed my own envelope using just a piece of paper, the Martha Stewart Scoreboard, scissors and some adhesive!

The card is a 5x7 (A7 size) and I should've taken a pic of my post-it note planning... but here is what I did:
1. Cut a piece of card stock at 8.25"x12"
2. Placing vertically (long-wise and backside up) on the Scoreboard, score at 1/2" in from both the left and right sides
3. Turn the paper 90 degrees so it is now horizontal and make 4 scores at 1/2", 5-3/4", 6-1/4", and 11-1/2"
4. What you are left with are 6 small squares wherever the scores intersect (4 in the corners and 2 in the middle) - cut them all out
5. It should be clear that now you can fold "in" the 1/2" flaps all around and fold it to make a box!

Of course I practiced on crappy paper and made a prototype first to test :) Also, you can wait till the end or what I did was after I scored, I decorated the outside of the paper with Gold Glitter embossed hearts! After I sealed in the card with a small amount of tissue paper, I tied it up with twine, tied in the label and added a couple embellishments from this month's Planetarium kit by Studio Calico to decorate! Handing over this decorated paper box is so much better than a plain envelope! So happy for our friends, can't wait for the rest of the day!!

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