Monday, October 29, 2012

Sketchbook mini album!

Um, I started and finished this entire mini album this weekend!! My BFF from growing up here in Rochester, NY has a birthday coming up soon and she lives in Colorado now. Her parents moved away while we were still in college, so it's been a LONG time since she has been to our hometown, and her husband has never been here! I know she has lots of old pictures from growing up, so I thought I'd have my husband drive me around and get pics of all our old hang outs and places with memories! It turned out to be a really fun weekend, sort of like a scavenger photo hunt!

I used the Amy Tangerine Sketchbook Day book by American Crafts, and most of the embellishments are from the matching Sketchbook line! So here it is, completed! I scratched out some of the journaling that's more personal.

This first page is just my happy birthday message and about the album.

Here's her parent's old house that we spent a lot of time in!

A pic of my parent's house and my old bike that I used to ride between our houses just about every day of the summer and to go on bike rides with her family!

A photo where our streets intersected and a view down her street!

The middle school and high school we attended, along with my husband who we weren't friends with at the time!

Rochester loves Wegmans!! This was our local Wegmans we went to all the time!

One of our favorite Italian restaurants - Ricci's! Been going there since I was a little peanut with my friend's family and still go there today with my husband!!


A special Wendy's we ate at every Saturday with my friend's Dad and sister!

We grew up in the town that Kodak built. My Dad, my friend's Dad and my husband's Dad all worked there, and almost everyone I knew had at least 1 if not both parents who worked at Kodak! That is how my family (transplants from Indiana) ended up in Rochester.

Both me and my friend got to participate in Bring Your Daughter to Work Day! I think that's when I realized I wanted to be an engineer like my Dad, I just didn't know I would end up a software engineer. And I always assumed I'd end up working at Kodak.

Durand Eastman (like Eastman Kodak Co.), was a golf course, but most of us who were kids of the 80's remember it as the best place to go for sledding! That pic on the right is of one of the holes, aka one of the hills that we used to go sledding down!

Got a pic of me and a doe while we were walking around Durand to get these pictures!

Chris spotted a big buck deer on the side of the road as we were leaving Durand! I just happened to have my camera on me for this album so I got a few pictures!!

We went to Seabreeze (local amusement park) at least once a summer with my friend's family and enjoyed the rides and water slides!! Those were the best times!!

Another staple of Rochester is going to the lake and getting frozen custard from Abbott's! Mmmm so good!!

A place for new memories - my house with my wonderful husband!!

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