Monday, March 31, 2014

Romans 3:27 - 4:8

I finally took out my Bible study notes and continued with my notes from Romans 3:27-4:8! It was a great opportunity to re-study this sermon, especially since it's been a year and a half since I first heard it!

I used some pieces from this month's Office Hours kit by Studio Calico, including some digital pieces, like the labels. But I really loved those geotags for bullet points! I take notes with LOTS of bullet points... I really could make use of them on every page of this notebook!

Some highlights from this message from our pastor, Pastor Dave Tomasso:
* You are saved by grace through faith in Jesus Christ!
* "I am a great sinner and God is a great Savior"
* The law is used as a thermometer to tell the sinner there is a problem
* What was on our bank statement was sin, but the instant we believed, righteousness was imputed (not imparted)