Tuesday, January 20, 2015

Jingle, Jingle

So on Saturday, Chris took Natalie out to the store and left with me a short time period that I could sit down at my scrap table, but I had just finished the last layout earlier in the day and wasn't sure what to work on. It was one of those times when I really wanted to make something, so I sat down without any ideas and just started grabbing some papers to look at. Next thing I knew I had the start of a Christmas looking layout with any pictures. Then I thought of a story I really want to scrap about, so added a title.

Now this will sort of make sense why I am scrapping a Christmas layout in January. When Christmas music started coming on the radio last month, Natalie heard the song "Jingle Bell Rock" and when it was over she hopped out of my lap, walked over and pointed to the radio/cd player, "requesting" me to turn it on again. I figured, no harm, I will get my old CD and put it on. Ummm... a month later I am regretting that fateful day I didn't say no to this one little request. Now whenever she wants to hear music, she points and says "Jingle, Jingle!" and still says it even if you try to put a different song on! Even as the song is ending, she'll say "Jingle, Jingle!" till you get up and put the song back on (no repeat button on our CD player [sad face]). I showed her a video on my phone of her and Dada dancing, and that song was in the background, and when the song is over in the video, she says "Jingle, Jingle!" and makes me restart to video so the song is back on! Oh well, I'm glad I've taught her "no" to just about everything else haha!

So it wasn't all random that I ended up with a Christmas layout. When I sat down I thought to myself, maybe I'll make a Christmas card, ala Natalie Elphinstone who made 1 Christmas card with every Studio Calico kit for the past year, leaving her with 12 beautiful and unique Christmas cards! But once I pulled the papers, they started to look great as a Christmas layout, and since I'd rather make a layout than a card, I went with that! I used mostly the Ivy Tower add-on kit to the Far Far Away kit. I purchased the black alpha thickers at one of the LSS and only had 1 "L" so I cut up a 7 and an "F" to create my own L for the second Jingle word!

Other than wanting to do more "story first" layouts this year, my other "scrappy resolution" or intention more like, is to be diligent about putting all journaling and the date or dates on the front of my layouts. As much as I have enjoyed the flexibility of adding leftover journaling to the back, I realize that 1. people aren't going to be pulling my layouts out of the page protectors to check for or read the rest of my journaling. 2. I don't even feel like pulling out my layout to do this. It's a pain and so much easier when reading it to just have it all out there on the front. I will leave hidden journaling only for private stories.

So there you have it, a nice Christmas layout in January. It's like driving around seeing people still turn on their Christmas lights they left up... but hopefully not that crazy :)

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