Friday, September 6, 2013


After Natalie's first feedings at the hospital, Chris and I asked each other, are we supposed to burp the baby after EVERY feeding? We just had NO IDEA about anything about caring for a baby! By Day 3, when I took these pictures, we were burping her regularly and noticed how cute and funny her faces are when she gets burped! She goes limp in the arms and just seems to really want to be burped!

I decided to dig into my stash and use up some of the original Amy Tangerine line by American Crafts! I did this after being inspired by the last challenge in the Stashbuster's Anonymous class over at with Aly Dosdall! I'm so glad I signed up for that class this month even though I knew I was going to give birth because I ended up having more time to scrap than I thought I would - thanks to the joys of newborn nap times and having off from work!

Oh man, her little monkey face is my favorite!! I liked those cloud stickers because they looked like little thought bubbles as well and went perfectly with the pictures!

For the second page, I kept it really simple. I just added some strips of paper along the bottom - those strips are the bottom tabs I tore of a bunch of different sheets from the same line of papers and stuck them down there. I really just wanted to fill in the space since I didn't have any more journaling to add.

That face, those cheeks... She's too cute, but of course I think that because she's my daughter!

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