Tuesday, September 4, 2012

Romans 1:1

Our Pastor, Pastor Dave (at Calvary Chapel Westside) finally revealed to us which book he was starting on Sundays, after we finished up Acts last week! This is exciting since it took about a year and a half to get through Acts, so starting a new book of the Bible isn't an everyday occurrence around here! Romans is such a great book, aka the Gospel of Grace!

I have been doing a lousy job keeping up my scrapping of my Wednesday night Bible study notes - we've gone through Genesis and a good way through Exodus, but I am still stuck at like Chapter 38 in Genesis, so I'm obviously way behind there. But hoping I can have a sort of fresh start with Romans!

I'm going to try to keep the "decorating" simple so I can keep up on the important stuff - the notes! One thing I want to try to do is write out every verse, word for word from Romans so I can look back on this notebook and just be able to read it straight through without having to look it up elsewhere... easy to say now since we've only covered 1 verse so far!

Some important notes:
* Every master outside of Jesus is empty and futile, doesn't bring you the contentment you long for
* Everything concerning this life, God has it in his hands
* When you seek Jesus with your heart, he satisfies you in a way that nothing else can

  • Buy a million SMASH books from EK Success, like every. single. one. Then pick one from your million options to use!
  • I used letter stickers by Sassafras to write out the word Romans on the left side
  • I glued down the upper right corner piece that is a SMASHcaption, as well as the piece of paper with the outline, which was taken from the Top Ten SMASHpad, both from EK Success
  • The yellow key sticker is from the Amy Tangerine sticker book by American Crafts
  • The three stamps I used were all from the same set from Studio Calico by Hero Arts
  • I stamped using VersaFine ink in Onyx Black by Tsukineko, my favorite black ink!

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