Monday, September 24, 2012

Romans 1:8, Romans 1:9-15

Doubled up on SMASH layouts of my bible study notes for the past two weeks, since I wanted to show completed pages! So here's the first layout, with all of last week's study on Romans 1:8, and the beginning of this past week's study on Romans 1:9-15.

These two pages came blank with just the words Good. and Great. on them... so of course I added a couple words to complete the phrases :)

I stuck to using the Central High kit from Studio Calico for these pages. I like that definition of faith - Belief in God's word AND acting upon it!

For the rest of the Romans 1:9-15 study, I broke up each verse into speech bubbles cut from the Amy Tangerine paper called Conference Call from the Ready Set Go line, then added my notes with my white Signo Gel pen.

Sometimes when you make requests to God, the answer is "not yet" as was the case with Paul wanting to get to Rome, but not forcing it to happen before God's timing. He was shown (early in the book of Acts) that he would preach the gospel in Rome, but didn't make it there for another few years! God said, not yet, and thus we were given the book of Romans, a letter to the Romans before Paul made it there, which we wouldn't have if he went to Rome before God's timing!

To finish out the notes, I used a scrap of that yellow lined paper from the original Amy Tangerine line to write on in black ink, so it wouldn't look too straining on the eyes with all that text in white.

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