Thursday, March 22, 2012

Motion Sickness... du jour

Woohoo!! Motion sickness!! JK, woohoo, this is my 9th layout made with Studio Calico's January kit, County Fair and I think I finally killed my first kit!!

My husband and I are a mess together... before I met him, I thought I had the worst motion sickness ever, but then there's Chris, who has to take Dramamine... a lot! Even after he took some, we rode some roller coasters, then both felt extremely sick, and I felt like I was starting to get heatstroke, which causes me to start puking, so we just had to get out of there = hot mess!!

As for the layout, I knew I wanted to match the greens in the greenery from the pics, so chose the paper based on that. I also wanted to capture the wood feel of the wooden roller coaster, The Predator so I used up my very last scrap piece of that beautiful October Afternoon paper = sad and happy emotions were evoked!

After I laid out the strips and pieces of paper, I decided to connect it all with some sewing and added the pics. I asked Chris for a good title - he seems to be better at these sometimes than I am, and since we're pretty much a mess everyday, he immediately thought of "Motion Sickness du jour" and we both laughed, so of course I had to use it!

  • Main green paper is Wallpaper from the Random collection by Crate Paper
  • Strip of wood panel paper is Stagecoach from the Sasparilla collection by October Afternoon
  • Letter paper is Alphabet Soup by Studio Calico
  • I decided to include those awesome, awesome Elm foam letter stickers from the Nightfall collection by American Crafts - when I first saw these, I thought they were cool for Halloween-type application, but I've used them for layouts not even close to Halloween and seriously LOVE them! Note to self: buy more of these immediately! I love the dimension they add as well, and you don't even need an embellishment to get dimension, wow :)
  • I cut one of the Jenni Bowlin Studios doily flowers in half, as I've seen lots of people do, and really love how it accents the title, I added the remaining ones in my stash to counter the other side and use up the rest, wow I don't remember the last time I "used up" anything other than limited amounts of the same sheet of paper haha!
  • The "sickness" stickers (that sounds bad) are Gray & Cream Sticky Keys by October Afternoon
  • The "du jour" stickers are by Pebbles, as are the small Candy Dot buttons in the upper left corner

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