Monday, October 12, 2015

#Challenge52Kits City of Lights - April 2012

Welcome to the City of Lights, aka Paris!

ABOUT CITY OF LIGHTS | Beautiful, lovely, girly colors, a nice contrast to the previous month's Story Hour. I loved the feel of this kit, but ended up using most of for cards.

City of Lights leftover

Louvre leftover

Montemarte leftover

Add-on patterned paper leftover

A LAYOUT | I sort of "tossed and turned" with this one, once I printed out my photo and then added the frame. I switched the background papers several times, and even decided on this final one but then gave up and went another direction, then went back to this selection. I ended up sort of half-scraplifting my December Daily 2015 cover page (see Instagram) for the butterflies part to fill a bit of space.

NEXT UP | 35mm - at the height of the camera icon phase in scrapbooking, which has somewhat continued to this day! Photography and scrapbooking go hand-in-hand and this kit was no exception!

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