Wednesday, October 21, 2015

#Challenge52Kits 35mm - May 2012

OK, so you can tell what kind of weekend I had based on how late in the week my blog entry occurs ha! Just kidding, it was mostly just busy, but good busy!

ABOUT 35mm | Well let's see, the camera fad makes its way into our kits, and as a child of Kodak, this kit looked awesome! The funny thing is, when I ordered this kit at the end of April 2012, I was at Miami beach with Chris… literally on the beach, so I had to go all the way back into the hotel room, plug in my computer, and do the Studio Calico presale dance when the latest kits went up at noon! How committed is that!?

35mm main kit leftover

Brownie leftover

Lomography leftover

Add-on patterned papers leftover

A LAYOUT | I made this layout starting with a sketch template from Simple Scrapper's Premium Membership and some photos of Natalie in front of the elephants at the zoo. I used my alpha roller stamp to stamp out some of the phrases she was saying/laughing while we were standing there watching them! Overall, I was surprised how "light" I was able to get this layout with the yellow background paper, considering how much brown was part of this kit. I think that's why when I received the kit, it seemed harder to work with than I had thought it would be.

NEXT UP | SoCal from June 2012 - how orange should be! This one is very summery and was perfect for getting started on that Florida trip 3 years ago, but hopefully I can find some good pics to go with this even though we're getting into fall season and cooler weather here!

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