Monday, September 7, 2015

#Challenge52Kits Handmade - November 2011

Handmade, handmade, handmade. Here we go, November 2011.

ABOUT HANDMADE | This month definitely had a different vibe to it than the previous two kits, and included some of October Afternoon's Farm House collection as well as some Lost & Found Two collection from My Mind's Eye, AND that beautiful woodgrain paper in the main kit from the Peppermint collection by Crate Paper!

REALITY | Reality is, that full 12x12 diecut sheet really threw me for a loop I think - at least in my memory, when I think of this kit, I can only picture that diecut and the whole kit has kinda gone out the window for me. As noted last week, I felt like I would have trouble with this one, but in reality, now that I have the add-on kits all put back together, what a lovely kit this is! It wasn't even on my radar to start looking for Christmas themes, but when I noticed some beautiful greens mixed with a couple of reds, it got my wheels spinning… so my bonus project was to make a Christmas card with this kit!

Handmade leftover

Tatting leftover

Pin Cushion leftover

More Color

STORAGE TIP | Whenever I have a pile of wood veneer letters that I know I won't want to sort through later, I try to just sort once and make a "cheat sheet" to tell me how many of each letter are left. Then, when I use the letters in the future, I try to remember to cross them off as they get used (see the Tatting leftover image)!

A LAYOUT | I started the layout after I found this layout by SC user Izzie as inpsiration - I just loved the starburst look with these papers and that woodgrain paper as the background! Except I wanted to make mine come from the corner.

STARBURST | To make the starburst I cut a rectangle to the size I wanted it out of plain card stock. Then I drew random lines from one corner out across the paper with a ruler. I numbered the front with a pencil just in case I lost track of one of them, then cut with my paper cutter along the lines. After that I took each numbered piece one by one and lined it up on a piece of patterned paper and traced it. To reduce a bit of cutting, I lined up one long edge of each piece along the edge of the paper, then only had to trace and cut along the other two sides. Then I pieced them together to see how it would look. When I was ready to adhere them, I flipped them over and re-pieced it together and taped up the back with scotch tape. That made it easy to adhere the whole thing down exactly where I wanted it.

BONUS PROJECT | After seeing some of the colors of the papers laying together, I thought, I can definitely get a Christmas card from this! I went to think of a design, but then thought it would be cool to use my own layout as inspiration for the card, so that's exactly what I did! Super quick and easy to repeat the process and this time, I traced 2 of the pieces at a time from the same paper and then cut them out - which made it slightly faster and less tedious-seeming. I really enjoyed this kit and this process, and would love to try to do more cards this way!

NEXT UP | Next up is Brooklyn Flea, which I am REALLY looking forward to since I don't remember really digging into this one hardly at all! I love how it was a December kit that wasn't too Christmas-themed!

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