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#Challenge52Kits Boardwalk - August 2011

Boardwalk, boardwalk, boardwalk… It's been 4 years since I received this kit and hardly touched any of it!

ABOUT BOARDWALK | When I first saw Boardwalk, and all the beautiful teals and greens and blues… I swooned, actually it's what put me over the edge and made me finally sign up for a Studio Calico subscription after a few months of stalking SC. I happily purchased 3 add-on kits: Sea Glass, Boogie Board, and Tide Pool, as well as add-on patterned paper, and SC paper (an add-on that came with 2 extra sheets of each SC paper)!

REALITY | I hardly touched ANY of it, except for a few cards and a couple of layouts. And I didn't cut into a single piece of paper that I didn't have a back-up of. That was the time though - I was just coming off my Creative Memories mindset, where I would have so much product and extras of everything that I got used to a security blanket of having doubles of it all so I didn't have to worry about "using up" any single thing!

Boardwalk leftover

Seaglass leftover

Boogie Board leftover

Tide Pool leftover with Hambly Screen Prints transparency!

| So it took a bit of time, but I was able to find all the original supplies and papers from the kit and add-on kits... because I didn't use up and throw away a SINGLE thing! I would even bet I have at least a scrap of every paper too, but anyway, for this particular kit, with all this untouched stuff, I plan to keep most of this kit together as a way to motivate me to use some of the items I wouldn't use one-off. Except for the stamps and probably the brads and letter stickers, the rest I will probably keep together now.

1st card, extending the grid theme from a previous project

quick card using some scraps

PROJECTS | As soon as I had gathered up all the supplies for the kits, I just HAD to make something with it again! It was almost like getting a new kit in the mail, seeing all the supplies together again, was like a family reunion, or better yet... a 10yr high school reunion! (Long story short, that's how my husband and I started dating...)

GETTING STARTED | When I began my first layout, I really wanted to challenge myself and try to use mostly the Tide Pool add-on instead of the obvious Boogie Board add-on... but I just couldn't get it to work, so I started over and thought I needed to bite the bullet and cut a circle from the map paper instead...

OBSTACLE | So after I had picked out a Sketch Template from this month's Simple Scrapper membership materials, I had to change it up slightly so I wouldn't cover up the pretty map paper circle I so bravely cut up! Then I added an extra circle to help balance the layout. I forced myself to try inking up those Pink Paislee Mistables collection letter stickers - which I did with the Hero Arts Ombre ink in peach. They came out a bit darker and muddier than I wanted, but I'm proud of myself for trying it out instead of leaving them white! I added a border strip sticker from the beloved Sassafras line and had to use some brads and twine to really make this a period piece haha!!

MOMMY | First I printed out my photo 5x7 because it was so cute and bright! Then I started by doing a scraplift of this layout by Studio Calico member Ashley888 that I had seen 4 years ago now! When I went to do the title, it didn't really fit in the same area, I moved it and decided to paint in some journaling lines there instead with some goache paint! After that, I just felt like it didn't need the extra stuff at the bottom so I left it mostly blank and added a label with the date and embellishment.

NEXT UP | So next week my plan is to pull out all the supplies for the kit from September 2011, Glee Club! And it should be even more fun since I had purchased ALL 4 Scrapbook add-on kits!! Stay tuned...

Oh and if you made any layouts this past weekend, feel free to link up in the comments here no matter what kit you used!!

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