Thursday, March 21, 2013

Best Friends Revisited!

OK ugh, do you ever go back and just absolutely hate a layout!? This is what happened as I was going back and trying to organize my layouts to put into an album at some point... Here's the old layout with a huge misting error:

I wasn't even intending to scrap, but I just could not stand the look of this layout for another second! I tore off the background paper, removed the banners and the light blue strip! Not only was the misting annoying me, but all the colors with no relief for the eye!

It didn't take long or much, except I had to part with an extra piece of paper and waste a paper - but now that it's been a few months and that stuff is "old" it made it seem less stressful haha!

I added some wood veneer tweet-y birds and voila, a layout I can stand the look of and can live happily ever after haha!

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