Monday, June 2, 2014

My Family

A couple more photos from Mothers Day - we had both our families over for the lovely day! We took Natalie and her cousin for a ride in the wagon down the street and initially went to put Natalie on the "smaller" side of the wagon, but the seat belt wouldn't buckle around her belly, we had to switch the 2 kids and put her cousin, who is over a year older than her, on the smaller side so they could both fit haha!

I was inspired by one of the sketches from Kelly Purkey's Sketchbook class at Studio Calico (last month) and then put to use some of the cards and items that came in the class kit for the Stitched class the month before, so ended up doing a lot of stitching!

I like when I get to the point in a layout that I just need to add some hand stitching because I can bring that outside or at least upstairs and work on it while I hang out with Chris. Yesterday evening I got a chance to bring it outside with me and sit in the grass and work on the stitching with the baby monitor while Chris was at the store - it was so nice!

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